Sunday, July 24, 2011

Goddess give me strength


So i got this wild hair to use my knowledge and the fact that my health keeps me so bed ridden at times. and turn it into a possitive. My witchlet will soon start the 3rd grade in public school. an i truely dred another year were his self esteem gets beaten down because he is not some cookie cutter mold of what society and bible thumpers say children are supose tobe. my son is healthy, happy an enjoys his life. and soo with that said. i have decided that this will be both a journal to document some of the teachings as it has now come time for him to finally start his path. as well as to document the ups and downs of being a wiccan in a school full of june cleaver cookie cutter molded pto moms and dads. from the hi im the that isnt a star of david its a pentacle. so sit back and enjoy my blog. an hopefully it will reach out to other wiccans an help them to know that they are not allone in this world. and all i can say is...GODDESS GIVE ME STRENGTH!!1!


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