Thursday, March 16, 2017

Take Stock Of Your Life And Fix Things For Yourself Not Others

Have you ever sat and truly thought about your actions as an adult versus the actions we tell our children to have. Have you ever truly sat, and reflected on your own behavior, your own words, emotions and public displays you show others. That your children see. Then considered the words that come out of your mouth towards your kids when raising them. Most of us teach our children not to follow the heard. Not to beg others to be their friends. We actually say things like "sweety, if they can't see the good in you, then they are not worth your friendship anyway". So many times we have heald and wiped our children's tears, or hugged them after someone has bullied them or broken their hearts. Or even after someone who portrayed themselves as their friends and gotten close enough to feel to them like family. Just dropped them. Most of us but not all of us, usually go as far as to help pull back the reigns on our children as we watch them go into total meltdowns, and they try to beg, claw, and pretty much do anything they can to force their way back into someone that truly was clearly not willing to make the effort to be a good friend.
As adults, we don't take our own advice. Which is truly sad. We keep coffins and urns of already dead friendships and relationships that are just half there. they are not connected or tethered to the other person anymore. You are the only one that still has it tied/tethered to you. You allow the memories that once was, or even what you hoped the making of a new friendship and the creation of hope to happen memories to make you fight for people that have already let you go. Sometimes you must stop and evaluate yourself. Love yourself enough to truly work on you for you. Know that people will be in your life and be active and present in the now in your life if they truly consider you a friend or a value in their life.
Let me say that again so you get it!!!

Did you get that this time? When you go to claw at that dead or on life support relationship. Ask yourself something. How come they have time to give effort to everyone else. To take a moment out of their day to facetime, text, IM, call or whatever so many others. Yet they can not call, text, IM, or even click like on a single comment status or anything of yours. I WILL GIVE YOU A SECOND TO LET THAT MARINATE! OK GOT THE ANSWER? DING! LIGHT BULB! O.K. So now that you see it, and yes it hurts like hell, It hurts like a full body Brazilian wax followed by a charcoal facial peel max being slowly peeled off your face. and having your eyebrows plucked for good measure. then slapped on the ass and told you been charged 300 bucks for the service. "ouch"
So yes it hurts, but guess what. You got clarity now don't you? So when you are talking to your kids you have that passion and you want them to do what is right. But when you look at yourself in the mirror, can you say you are doing what is right for you. Can you say you are doing what is healthy for your inner being as well as your outer being? Fix yourself and your happiness not for me, not for your kids. But for yourself.  Cause the day you can tell your story of the way you once was without shedding a tear. Is the moment you are healed. The day you can wake up and you don't rush to social media to see if anyone reached out to you that you are clawing to, you are healed. The day you just wake up and know that you are doing life for you not to fill a void, or to hold on to memories or dreams of what can me. Then you have fixed you for you.
Trust me that is all I want for anyone in this world. No matter who they are.

Goddess guided me to write this, I am working on me for me. May you find your way to do so too.
blessed be.


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