Thursday, February 23, 2012


the world is filled with tons of unseen things. some believe those things exist some do not. but each person is allowed there opinion. the best part of being a witch, and being wiccan as well as being on this weight loss journey is that there are always unseen things happening or fluttering around.
in the mythical world there are tons of unseen creatures. an each day they aid people in what is needed. they help the birds sing, create the morning dew. and nudge you at just the right time to wake you up. animals tend to see them. and small children. hence what society loves to refer to as imaginary friends. indigo children both young as well as children that have grown to adult an never loss there faith in it..tend to see them. it makes our world so wonderful.
in weight loss journey we have what is called NSV. non scale victories. its were you can not see it on the scale but you feel it or something still lets you know you are losing weight. like walking up stairs easier, getting up from a chair with out help, or something as simple as you just feel better.
i personally have faith in the unseen. my belief is that just cause you can not see it. does not mean it does not exist. cause you can not see air, you can not see wind, you can not see atoms, you can not see faith, love, sorrow, etc. but no one truly argues that air exist. so my small blog today is that you gotta remember that a little faith in the unseen goes along way.
:)..may the goddess and god walk with you.


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