Friday, December 28, 2012

Remember Your Battle Is Not Your Children's Battle to Fight

In life you must remember that your battle is not your children's battle to fight. The children in this world are innocent until we create and shape their mind differently. When I was young I could remember harsh words being said about people, quick glances back towards me and a stern statement of "do not repeat that". but not once do I remember anyone telling me that I could or could not play with someone else's children. make contact with there children. At times when the adults friendships and relationships would end suddenly those friendships I had made over time with the children and young adults of those families also went poof. No warning. All I knew was that suddenly no one called me. No mail came to my house. No notes were sent via my family members to me. There never was a explanation to me by the adults either. No adult took the time nor had the faith or common knowledge to comprehend that not all children are as young in mind as they are in age. That some are old souls walking around in young bodies.
No in the present I am the parent. I raise my child in the morals and values I designed prior to his birth. The list in created in my head and on paper of things I wanted instilled into my son. One thing was to always be honest. Never lie. Yes I do mean never. Some people say that is not possible. Wanna bet. the second he was removed via c section. they held him up for me to see. and instead of saying oh how beautiful he was. how handsome he was. I looked at him. I told him . hi dragon I'm your mom. BTW (insert information about holiday myths). nurse gasped. my friend in the room with me laughed . and I just said you can clean him up. He entered the world being told the truth. I have been blunt thus far and no matter how embarrassing the question is I Continue to answer it. it keeps us honest with each other. That brings me to my original statement. Your battle is not your children's battle to fight. You see I say this because children as long as you keep there mind innocent. and allow them to know the truth of what is going on in life. allow them the opportunities to recognize the things around them. and give them credit that they are smart enough even at a young age to recognize when something is not right in there lives. children will amaze you. My son is one that does that. I do not tell him who he can like. He actually is told that if he wants to spend time with someone that I am not on speaking terms with. I will gladly take my strong med, just so he can. and he knows I have done it enough times to prove my love for him. But you see my son recognizes thanks to what the school teaches him and the morals I teach him. What is right and what is wrong. a child will decide on there own. And always know that even if today they ask you if they can skip visiting with someone cause they do not like that they ignore them. Know that a year from now that may change. But remember are a grown not force your children to hate people because you do. allow there lives to be happy and if that means you gotta suck it the hell up and grow up and smile and sit in a corner and not talk to people while your children play and visit. than guess what sunshine. be a good parent and do it. cause a happy child is more important than your ego. remember if you raise your child right. they will discover on their own that whether someone is right for there life or not. Trust son has proven this to me with many adults. and I can say each time I was shocked but proud that he learned it on his own.
So remember Stay strong, stay positive and allow your children to use the tools you instilled in them. To grow up into who they wish to become. But do not ask them to find hate in themselves for someone just because you do. For that is robbing a child of one of the best gifts he or she has. Innocence.
Blessed Be

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sometimes your children will suprise you the most

Sometimes the most amazing things that happens in life is that a child surprises you. Most people believe that children are shallow and only think of themselves. That they want want want. But this is not always true. Take me for instance.. my mother had surgery to replace her knee. and even though I was in severe pain I put every thing i had scheduled that day on hold. rescheduled every bit  of it and sat in pain. with severe society anxiety disorder in a crowded place to be there for here. I have continued to be there for her each day. via text, cooking for her, anything she needs. and I do not want, nor expect anything in return. Because that is not what a child should expect. My mother did not ask me for anything to raise me so why would I ask for anything to help her now. Now lets look at my son, it is a day till yule and 5 days till Christmas. Most children gave there parents list of 20 items or so. mainly toys. The parents then had to inform the children that  either list were going to be shortened or what ever. Yet some parents are working second jobs just to give there children everything on the list. Now my son, he is not like others. He had six things on his list. and only one was a toy for himself. all the items clearly stated beside them that they could be used. and most were books of some sort. he even asked for one that was a family game expansion item as what he wanted.  He has only been raised by me. He has my values, He has what I set out to instill in him. Not what society says I should instill in him. He has my amazing views and my wiccan faith. And my son made my proud with all he asked for. I was extremely proud of him. I am so proud of him. that he will be getting it all. All items were gotten. And even some extra little things just as a surprise.
Now when you have a child that surprises you..remember do not take him for granted. don't put them down. don't try to change who they are. just allow them to be themselves. cause they will surprise you more and more each day. and life will grow more positive in your house. I know this has been true in my house. I am thankful to the goddess for giving me my son..blessed be and Goddess bless.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Remember that a simple thing can effect someone greatly

Every day we awake to the hope that life will be a little better for us. But most of us do not set out to make someone elses life better for them. You see when you only can me me. Then why would someone want to help you you you. Sometimes one of the most positive things you can do is dedicate your life to improving others lives. It does not have to cost a dime. It can be through sharing information. Helping them out with your free time. Handing down clothing to families in need. Or Just lending a non judgmental ear to those who need it. Sometimes one of the most amazing things is to know someone comes to you because you are one of the positive things in there life. You see a simple thing that you do for others can not only effect someone else but it can also effect your own life. When you feel the joy of sharing positive reinforcement with others. The energy in you grows. You then continue to shine brighter and brighter. And in perfect love and perfect trust your heart becomes open to positive things happening to you. Why? Because you did not demand them. You did not ask all the time for them. You did not even expect them to happen to you. You finally realized that the world is not about being greedy. Its about creating a positive surrounding for yourself. And once that is done the rest seems to fall into place. Remember this..Pay it that your one kindness will inspire others to do good. Cause a simple thing can effect someone greatly. An that is what being positive is all about, right?

May the God and Goddess shine bright on you. May she continue to shine down on me as I walk. May she walk with me in all I do. May she hold me up when I feel like I will fall. And may she reach out to those that need aide. Cause Goddess I trust in you and all you do. Blessed be.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Always keep things in perspective

Over the past few weeks I have done my best to stay positive. Absorbing all the blows of life. Hitting the little bumps in the road. And struggling to find the positive in each thing. I spend a lot of my time wanting to run and hide due to feeling every emotion so strong that occurs in my body. But I do my best to keep things in perspective. You see I know that even the worst feeling in the world is still better than no feelings at all. One of the things that occurs in my life often is that something or someone from my past surfaces unexpectedly. In that moment a flood of emotions come rushing back. Be it good emotions or bad ones. They all crash down quickly and with out a warning. Sometimes in your life you can feel strong emotions from your past from a memory that makes you question your present or your future. But I say this, Always Keep Things In Perspective. Cause you have to remember why those things are not in your present actively. I can admit that at times I forget that, but I work hard to quickly remind myself of that. And if I am taking to long the Goddess usually works really hard to smack me hard enough to wake me up from a memory moment. She has guided me away from some things and some people and even if she allows me to have free will and freedom to have anyone I want in my life. The Goddess does everything in her power if you come to her with a true heart. To keep you capable of seeing the truth even through all the lies. So my little message in this post is simple. Keep things in Perspective. Remember not only the good things that created those memories but Never forget the bad things too. You can forgive the bad things. But learn from them. Love yourself enough to not allow yourself to fall prey to emotions that may not be real. Love yourself cause with out loving yourself no one else truly will. Goddess thank you for walking with me, and keeping my heart strong, my soul pure and my spirit shining bright.
May the goddess walk with you.
blessed be

Thursday, December 13, 2012

You must remember to love yourself

One of the things I have learned over my life is that we as humans tend to forget to love ourselves. I fight so hard to get others to love us. Fight so hard to make people in our lives look at us and see us for what we really are. But the one thing we tend to forget is that if someone chooses to not be a positive in our life. Then one of the biggest gifts we can do for ourselves is to remember that sometimes Loving ourselves is letting others go. I am not gonna lie to you and say "oh it is easy". Nope not even gonna dare lie to you. The thing is though letting go of negativity be it physical or emotional is not a easy task. It takes a true amount of love in ones self to do this. The journey may be hard. The road may be bumpy. Heck you may even slip , trip and land on the side of the road for a little while. But if you can love yourself and find the strength to follow through then it is truly worth every minute of it. Living life is not about living it half way. Its about living your life to the fullest. Live your life and be happy. Take the first step in finding love and happiness, Love yourself. Welcome positive things in your life. And let go of the things and people that are not beneficial to your life.
I thank you for sharing in my words and I thank Goddess for keeping me strong and pulling me up when I slip or feel weak. Goddess I walk with you. Blessed be.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just because someone breaks a promise does not mean you are broken

As I have learned recently life does not have to effect you as bad as you make it. One thing I have learned is that. Just because someone breaks a promise to you it does not mean your broken. We all know that promises in life are extremely important to most of us. The promise to be there, the promise to aid someone in a situation, the promise to love someone, the promise to stay faithful, the promise not to lie. So many promises people make. When someone lets you down with one of these promises. You feel like your life has ended. Like there is something wrong with you. Like you did something wrong to cause it. But sometimes you just need to realize that you are not the one who is broken.
Sometimes it is plain and simple and not that complicated to understand. People can and will let you down. Some people will let you down to the point that it cuts you deeply. or any hope you had of something getting better falls through. But yet i still say you are not the one that is broken. You see when a person makes a choice to turn there back on a promise they in a sense makes a choice to accept the karma that will come along with hurting some one. The make a open minded choice to accept that they will become untrustworthy. And that their word is not worth a pile of cow dung to some. Maybe it is that person who has the issues maybe situations arouse  but above anything else. know that even when someone breaks a promise to you and makes your heart feel broken. You are not truly broken. you are actually able to take the situation and grow with it. learn from it. and in it find something good. even if it is as simple as knowing that you gave someone a chance to be honest.
The goddess walks with you. so smile and know that you are loved. Thank you goddess for giving me strength to spread your message and touch someone once again. blessed be

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Even when your life is hectic take time to be Blessed

Even when your life is to hectic to stop and breath. You should always take a moment to remember you are blessed. You see every second you have in life on this earth is a blessing. For every breath you take. There is someone else that did not get to take that breath. Every ounce of pain you feel in your body that you curse at and scream about. Begging to just be killed because of. Instead of saying kill me. Ask for strength to handle it. Cause there is someone that is laying at rest unable to feel anything at all. You see when you complain of all the little things that make your life so hectic. You sometimes forget to just stop, take a deep breath and actually BE BLESSED that you have that life to begin with. 
You may say now why would I want to keep such a positive attitude when life is so hectic. It is simple, cause when I am feeling these things in life. Someone else is not able to. When i seen the things I am seeing I am seeing. There is someone in life that did not make it to see another day. And when I am living a life that may not be all sunshine and rainbows but it is at least livable. There is someone in this life that did not live to see the sunshine for another day. You see as you now sit and think..just remember one simple matter what pain you feel, how tired you get, life will get better for you. But there is someone that did not wake up to see another day. blessed be and always remember that life is never as bad as it seems. May the goddess walk with you. Blessed Be

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Purge the negativity from yourself

As life continues to complete its circle each person will acquire a certain amount of negativity. Through out life it is our job to purge it from ourselves. We must find the strength and knowledge to know what is right and wrong for us. We must accept that the things that may have been accepted in our lives once may not be ok now. We must love ourselves enough to want inner peace. We must want to bring happiness into our lives. We must find the strength to Purge The Negativity From Ourselves. You can find inner peace. Just accept that life is not about being always right. Life is not about being negative. Life is about finding your happiness and growing as a human being. You are loved. But above all love yourself. Goddess thank you for  continuing to walk with me. Shine the light upon my path and continue to guide me. Blessed be.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Always know who is a true friend

In life you will have a lot of people come and go out of your life. You will cry and laugh. You will share memories and nightmares. Through it all you will have good times and you will also have bad time. There will be some that will start to pull away the more hard times you go through. That does not mean they do not care. It just means that you do not fit in their life anymore. An that your life may be to hectic for them to handle currently. Now with that it also there will be some that are never there for you from the start. Those you should take notice of and walk away from. Cause a friend does not have to be there forever but should at least be there at some point. You will always know who is meant to be in your life by who is still standing when the dust settles. I have learned so much over the past years. So many say the words "I am there if you need me" but when I needed someone the most. Maybe even just to listen to me talk so that I can vent or figure out what to do. Some were no were to be found. Or some became so judgemental that life was not acceptable if you were not a cookie cutter mold of what they deemed a worthy friend. And I use to get mad when that happened. But Then i realized something. The Goddess loves me. She wants me to be happy. She wants me to walk with her. And she will give me all the hints she can before she removes them herself. An one thing she does is to teach me that you know who will be there for you when it matters by who is standing  beside you even in spirit when the dust settles on a hard time. I say this.. If you will turn your back on someone and feel that you are justified in judging them. Then fine...but please make sure your life is perfect till you die. If you can not..then Remember Karma cause judging is not a positive thing. be a friend to get a friend. give love to get love. and be a good family member to have a happy family in return. food for thought. Goddess thank you for the light you shine on me each day. Blessed Be

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Faith is not about pleasing others

Faith is not about pleasing others in your life. No it is about finding happiness is ones self. As well as being strong and allowing what you believe in to be part of the bigger you. Faith in who ever it is you believe in is not always gonna please everyone. Your choices are not about making every single person on this earth happy. We are not all sheep. It is not our jobs to make society as a whole happy. It is our jobs to find happiness with in ourselves. Faith in someone or something allows you to give blessings and appreciation to he and or she that is helping you along the way. To reach out to someone when you need that extra help. To call out someones name and say Thank you when you are greatful for the blessings that you have received  All and all Faith is there for you and your happiness. Each person has there own. An is allowed to believe in what ever they wish to. As well as not to believe in what ever they wish to. Find your faith, stay strong in it. and live, life , love , and blessed be.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Negativity will bring Karma

So many people forget exactly what life is about. So many people forget the rules of Karma. Yet at the end of the day. When the dust settles and the pain starts to flow. So many people cry out why me. Walking in a positive life may be hard but the question is if you do not is the karma worth it. I will never claim to be a saint. For even the strongest person has a hard time sometimes. But Karma is something that is not worth getting at least in a bad way. I cherish so much in life lately. You take so much for granted in life until it is actually gone. Then you sit and wonder how life can get back on track. Well I say this to those that wonder. Remember Negativity will bring Karma. Sometimes some of the things that are said in fun or joined in on are actually hurtful to someone else. If you do not know the entire story then do not spread it. If you are following others like sheep to slaughter then stop and realize you are walking a slippery path. Realize that those people will not reap the karma you have done. You will and when it comes you can only look at yourself and know that you did not have to end up this way. I remind the world that life is not about negative things. You need to think with a childlike mind. For innocence is something that is beautiful and allows you to make lifes choices with out discrimination. Live, Love and Learn. and as always walk with the Goddess. Blessed be.


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