Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Even when your life is hectic take time to be Blessed

Even when your life is to hectic to stop and breath. You should always take a moment to remember you are blessed. You see every second you have in life on this earth is a blessing. For every breath you take. There is someone else that did not get to take that breath. Every ounce of pain you feel in your body that you curse at and scream about. Begging to just be killed because of. Instead of saying kill me. Ask for strength to handle it. Cause there is someone that is laying at rest unable to feel anything at all. You see when you complain of all the little things that make your life so hectic. You sometimes forget to just stop, take a deep breath and actually BE BLESSED that you have that life to begin with. 
You may say now why would I want to keep such a positive attitude when life is so hectic. It is simple, cause when I am feeling these things in life. Someone else is not able to. When i seen the things I am seeing I am seeing. There is someone in life that did not make it to see another day. And when I am living a life that may not be all sunshine and rainbows but it is at least livable. There is someone in this life that did not live to see the sunshine for another day. You see as you now sit and think..just remember one simple thing...no matter what pain you feel, how tired you get, life will get better for you. But there is someone that did not wake up to see another day. blessed be and always remember that life is never as bad as it seems. May the goddess walk with you. Blessed Be

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