Tuesday, June 21, 2016



As I lay here, unable to sleep, head full of worries and stress. awaiting some important choices of the morning. I do what I normally do to gather my thoughts and keep myself calm. I flip through blogs, wall feeds etc on social media. This morning something really got at my craw. I started to notice something about some of the feel good stories I was coming across. Some that I even have shared. There is a pattern to some of them. When they are being written by news outlets, and really important highly well-known social media people. They are referring to the person with the disability as less than >>fill in the blank. and always stating that whoever does blank action towards them that has earned this story to be written is a hero. like guys or girls more popular , or non-disabled taking a disabled or special needs person to a prom, formal, or throwing them a surprise birthday party after learning they never had one. suddenly the story is not written about how amazing the disabled or special need person is. how the wonderful and beautiful soul that disabled or special needs person is. but instead, it always seems to give this amazing credit to the other person for their actions. they are called heroes. no offense don't get me wrong I appreciate as a mother of a special needs child. and as a disabled person. I appreciate these people's actions. but are they not just being decent human beings. like society should be. should not all human beings treat all others like human beings instead of misfit toys?  when did it become acceptable for news outlets and papers, and social media to refer to us disabled people and our special needs kids and less than anything other than amazing kids. they are not less than the next kid. I don't care if they are in a wheelchair or can run. can talk or not. they are not less than the jock, the singer, the dancer or the actor or anyone else in this world. a soul has greatness in it. it does not base its definition of being a good soul on popularity it bases it on your behavior. and sorry but how can someone say oh that guy or girl that took that special needs kid to the prom or to the after graduation party is a hero because little Susie or little Johny is less than average in all departments. really. I mean come on really.
so ask yourself this...when did it become ok to say disabled and special needs people are misfit toys. when did it become ok to treat them like they were? celebrate that someone acts like a human being and was brought up right. but don't in the process downgrade and talk about the other person like they are worthless prior to that person coming into their life.

because just a little side note. each day I wake up and my son wakes up. we bless the world with a few things. more laughter, more smiles and a chance to cross paths with two people that will do anything to cheer you up even when we are down. that doesn't sound like misfit toys to me.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Allow me to speak on Trust, Respect, and Friendship


Truthfulness to those who confide in you

 Respect the privacy of those that confide in you

 Understand that breaking a trust is betrayal and karmically wrong

 Silence yourself  once you have been confided in for nothing shared is yours to spread

Trustworthy friendship is something that is priceless and once you lose that you have nothing

In life you will come across people that are wolves in sheep's clothing. who are trained professionals that know exactly how to break down your defenses just enough to make you give them trust. Sadly it is not all their fault. Because we as humans when we are broken or hurt we desire having someone to turn to. we want to believe that that person being kind to us. Is being honest is being truly trustworthy and that at no time will you ever have to feel more pain or sorrow than you currently do in what ever situation you are in. Sadly that is not always the case. Sometimes one of the worst things in life is that others will lull you into a security only to share your information with others. so that they can know the progress of a situation. Not realizing that what they have done is broken a level of trust that is not given freely.
I am disabled and have certain disabilities and I have a special needs child who wants to trust others but once the behavior of others starts to scare him. he shuts down and pulls away. he notices everything. this in life will keep him from something but at the same time will keep him safe from other things. my child lives by the trust definition. and if it is broken. then you have forsaken him and his kind.

Respect...What does that mean.

in life respect is earned they say. but in humanity sometimes one person must show it in order for another to give it back to them. If you have been respected and given a level of trust and respect and you choose to toss it aside like it is worthless then you and only you will deal with the repercussions of the loss of respect from your own actions. now will the repercussions be that someone betrays you. will it be that karma decided that all your terrors and fears finally come true. will it be that the respect that you chose not to give others will come home to roost harder and more devastating on your life than on the person that you chose not to respect. That is not another mortals choice to decide. It is up to the universe to decide. Sadly in some cases lack of respect towards others never come back on the one that deserves it in the form it should. it hurts those closest to them. and for that it is sad.


to each person the word friendship means something different. It's evident by the many different friendships in this world. by how people treat each other. how people use and mistreat each other then call each other friends. how others try to change people into who they feel someone should be in order for them to fit what they define a friend to them is. it is seen everyday in life people telling others what they believe should and should be weak, or strong characteristics. who they should and should not talk to. what type of parenting behaviors is right what you should do at what age. based on how that person does things. just so that a person fits into a cookie cutter mold with a group. but yet they say it's so that the children do not suffer. but not once have they asked the children if they are happy. if they children enjoy the lifestyle they have. if you asked Wednesday and Pugsley if they loved their life as Adams children or would they want to be cleavers kids some would assume they would want to be cleaver kids. but far from it. if you ask the one blonde girl in the Munsters if she wanted to be anything other than living with the Munsters. and people assumed she wanted to. but she never wanted to live anywhere but with Herman and Lilly.  see to everyone that tries to change people to fit what you want a friend to be. have them talk to your type of people. send their kids to your type of locations, do what your kids do, and enjoy the same things as you. stop building clones of yourself. and understand something. FRIENDSHIP is about accepting the world is made up of different people. and ask yourself one thing. will you love your own children the same as you do now. if one day they turn out not to be a cookie cutter mold of you. will you force them to change or will you still love them as they are. hopefully you will love them as they are. be a friend to your friends and remember the world should be made up of uniqueness not clones. and being a friend means being trustworthy, honest, respectful and not changing others to fit some mold you want them to fit into. if you can not do that. then you should not be in there life.

so the end of my blog today is this... over the past couple weeks it has been hell for me and my son. people want to assume, change, define, lie, and even afterwards continue to assert their presence into things. I give those to goddess, but I also am walking away from anyone who can not be trustworthy, respectful and a good friend. for my child, my husband and I deserve the very best in life and goddess knows our soul.


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