Monday, December 12, 2011

So much has happened lately

right now i just feel nothing
wow, so much has happened lately. I realized that I have been neglecting my blog for the past few weeks. An that saddens me. What the blog readers do not know is that the past two weeks have been the hardest thing to have to go through for a long time. it saddens me cause all the time i just want to wake up an go, ok its over. but i know mentally its not. so many questions, so many unanswered things. idk wtf is going on seriously. honestly i just want to get a decent grip on my life again. sadly i do not think that that will happen any time soon. sooo lets see if i can at least get a small grasp on my blog.

so here goes. well first off,this friday on the 16th is the 90day mark for my post op. its odd. 3 months ago this friday i was going into the operation room an being put under. i awoke late that night an had gone from a normal stomach to a gastic bypass rny stomach.  in those 90 days i've loss less than i would have liked but from what i understand more than most do in 90days. i have not posted any pics since i was 6wks out. but there is a reason for that. i try not to be seen right now. i'm in the progression phase of weight loss. an with the stress of my personal life i do not want strangers and old friends looking at me an saying oh dixie if you had just done this this an this..then blah blah blah. honestly i live my own life. an my weight loss surgery is my business.  i can say i wish i was losing more per week than i am. but at least i am losing at a steady pace right now. knock on wood.

now lets see what else i need to catch up on...well yule is literally right around the corner an its gonna be harder this year on me an my witchlet. i have been dating someone for almost 3yrs now. an for the first time since dating we won't be together. just my luck my fiance is goin through some shit. honestly it does not make complete since. but all in all. im gonna think positive. also this all started shortly after retrograde of mercury did. thankfully mecury retrograde ends tomorow. i have never been soo happy to have a retrograde end. even though i know it will not speed up anything.  it just effects so much during this time.
well for now this is all i can write. i gotta go play mommy shortly an still need to get my own self together first.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011



As i awoke this morning. i did what i always do when i am the first one up prior to everyone else in the house. i give the breathing treatment to my black cat/familiar, get a bottled water and grab my charged up laptop an hop on facebook to see what i have missed the day prior. well this morning was wonderful. i awoke to someone ranting about me. they chose to not use my name..but as soon as they posted a certain comment pretaining to my young 8yr old witchlet, an the recent health issue i had succumb to and what medication  i too for it. plus ranted on a recent status update i did. i was like. wait that is me. then it was funny to read 4 ppl posting comments to her post with in seconds of her posting it. that actually all shared the exact same photo as there profile picture as well as one had the hair color changed but it was still the same photo. just changed the first name. an each person wrote more of the same posting..but it was funny since 2 of the people were not nor had they ever been on my friend list. so to say they had read any of my statuses was priceless. since i have them locked. all in first instict was to snap..but instantly i just got really calm instead. the goddess walks with me, an some total stranger that is not important in my life questioned things in my life. attempting to belittle, defile my name, and disrespect my faith. which was funny cause in one breath she was wiccan as well next was cathlic then christian. so all in all it was a funny posting. but i realized something.

around this time of year. so many people work so hard to find that one thing to lower the positivity and happiness of others. to hurt them. to make them unhappy. most do this cause they have something lacking in there own personal life. now i can not say that this is why this person chose me this morning. but i can say this. she proved something today. i will be tested. i will have negativity spoke about me, as well as negativity spewed about my family and friends and even my health. but in that i stand strong, i stand honest, open hearted an stand holding tight to the goddess cause i know something can not allow a stranger to change the positive journey you are on. just remember to place them into the goddess hands an walk away. for the evil someone spews at you. will be dealt with by goddess. blessed be

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Soooo i've been mia for a few weeks...guess what i've been doing

as yule is coming i shake the germs and prepare the altar
So i've been mia for the past 3wks or so...guess what i have been doing. yep you guessed it correctly. i have been sick off my ever slimming booty. I caught this awful cold started with a small sneeze and some mild congestion. then of course being any good mother i quickly jumped in my jeep, woosh off to walmart i went, getting out of the jeep i swore i heard the goddess or one of my guardians say the words "go back home" but being that i had started to sweat a little i thought ok this cold has me feeling wierd. i gotta get this medicine an then i will be ok. so walking into walmart that instant feeling that you just walked into the world of cooties hit me hard. customers coughing on produce. well that prevented me from even attempting to get some bananas and grapes to at least eat something. going down the frozen isle old lady sneezes into her hands then reaches threw the frozen healthy breakfast items...only to discover she didn't want it. placing it back. my brain screamed oh hell nah im not going to go in that container either. it all of a sudden became a warzone. the fact that so many people toss there germs around onto stuff, onto complete strangers and people like me with comprimised health due to surgeries etc are the ones that suffer. well i finally made it to the pharmacy. an tahdah i get a return call from my surgeon at that time too on my cell. sooo happy to hear that voice. between him and the pharmasist they let me know what i am allowed to take for the symptoms and what i would need to take if i progress worst. being that now that i have a rny gastric bypass it isn't as much of a simple grab a bottle of something and go option.  i was blessed to find 2 liquid items that i did not even care if i could stomach the taste of i just wanted relief. quickly went off to the tissues and discovered klennex has vicks vaporub tissues ...grabbed a box. now the hardest thing is that i walked past the oj ready to cry cause all oj has tooo much sugar suposedly in it for us. an normally when not sick they do not recommend more than a cup a day of juice. due to all the stuff in it. but me beginning ot start feeling really bad i could tell i was gonna need some gatorade and oj ...thankfully there is a low sugar low cal gatorade called g2 an they sell it in the one flavor i can stomach the taste of. quickly grabbed a 12pack an left the store.
as i got home my body already was alerting me that i was getting sick. i took some meds, rested an informed hubby that i was gonna be quarenteening myself to my room an that my son dragon was not to come in due to germs an the attempt to see my son go a school year with out missing any days. so by that nite i was progressively worst. by moring tahdah i was in the doctors office being told guess what dixie you got upper respirtory issues and a virus. ok take these things over the counter an push you do not get hospitalized for dehydration. well i had to quickly call my nutrionist. cause as a rny patient we are required to injest a certain amount of protein a day. an i could not stomach anything. she gave ma few liquid suggestions an told me she would email me with some more. an to rest an drink lots ofwater. so i did. i ran out to the store an as i was lookin through the oj i found one with the maxium amount of sugar allowed for a rny patient and the correct fat, no pulp, extra calcium an extra vitamin d. i quickly hit my nutritionist up an she agreed to allow me to drink it since i was not able to eat anything i was gonna need vitamins an minerals from some were. was allowed 3 8oz glasses a day, it taste like heaven im not gonna life. after 2 wks i had a cough that my neighbors could hear in the middle of the night. so many would text and message me asking if i was ok. cause they felt so bad for me listening to me cough all hours of the night. i finally found with the surgeon an pharmisist help a maximus strength dose an  flu/sore throat combo that started to work. all together i have been in shere hell for the past few weeks. and as a empath i could feel my mothers exhaustion as she prepared to manange over her walmart store for black friday at the same time as i was sick. it was awful. i finally felt well enough to get up an grab the crock pot an make some turkey burger chili for protein, started stomaching protein coffee again, and finally was downin water like i needed to. an keepin my meds down again. now im workin on preparing for the yule holiday. i created some ornaments that will need some touching up, but all in all it has been a rough few weeks. and omg i need rest. but i gotta stay focused and pick myslf up and be ready to continue on my journey being sick doesnt stop you from remembering that you had a surgery recently it just makes things a little difficult for awhile. now i gotta get myslf back on track

Monday, November 14, 2011


goddess i ask thee, why must i walk alone. goddess answers ...child you are never alone you have me by your side. but goddess why must i always be misunderstood. she answers..cause some can not see past there own blinders. goddess why must i never have company or friends to call my own. she answers...cause my child your heart may be open to them but they may not be open to you. so you may be on two different journeys. But goddess doesn't that mean my is destine to find small happiness then to lose it along my journey. Goddess asnwers...No my child. it just means that when it is time for things to be set free they will go. in order to make room for new things. some may stay forever, some for a moment an some just long enough for you to learn a important thing. Goddess may i ask you something else.. yes my child what is it. Goddess why do i embark on these journeys, find groups that i feel perfectly fit me. then when i feel like i can call it home and the people friends. why do they set me free and walk away.... Goddess smiles and looks at here kindly an says...MY CHILD LET ME ASK YOU SOMETHING, AN SEE IF THIS HELPS YOU TO UNDERSTAND THIS BETTER... in this group, did you find ppl that reached out to you and became your friend outside the group...yes my goddess, ok lil one..did you find knowledge that you did not know prior..yes goddess. did those friends you made support you on your fb page outside the group...yes goddess some truely have become wonderful support. DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN... the blessing of new friends. MY CHILD SOMETIMES YOU MUST ACCEPT THINGS SO THAT YOU CAN HEAL AN MOVE ON. LIFT YOURSLF UP. .goddess but why doess it always have to end this way. why can't it end positively. My child this is your journey. you can not succeed on your journey if you rely on others and there journey. cause will always compare urself to them. you are a individual and it is ur journey and you must live your life for you. my child i know it hurts now. but you will grow an those friends will still be there. (@copywrited and writen by danielle nikki robinson)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


being proud of who i am comes with many judgments
As i sit here at 3am unable to sleep again. a cough and congestion making my restful nite a little more complicated. i started to thing. I looked over some of my family and friends facebook pages. i viewed there lives, i sat and i absorbed just how different some of them really are from me. I realize how much i truely love my family by the fact that even though i am different i still seek to be includeded in such things  as others are. But the little hints that i never will be ring loud and clear over and over again. I sit asking the goddess why is it that the non wiccan/non pagan people do not have to change yet it is expected of me to jump through hopes and change for them or to allow my child to venture fourth to areas with out me. where it has been made clear i am not welcome. my faith is not welcome, and yet i am expected to believe  that my son will be safe. Now some say it is shere rediculousness to fear that the enteraction of ones witchlet with people who do not hide there distane and predjudice for ones faith and even of me as a person. i feel that my witchlet will be old enough in a few years to make that choice on his own. with the blinders of being woooeed by videogames and junk food. and tons of activities.  I also believe that as the parent it is my right to decide what my witchlet needs to endure. for 8 long years of his life. family has chosen to not call him, to give him some really crap gift to him on xmas, blatanly refusing to accept that we do celebrate yule. they work hard to forget his birthday. they do not call him, send messages via written word, text, etc. and they use my mother's emotional stress that she feels stuck in the middle to pass info or things to him. so that they do not have to face me. all in all...through the years nothing has changed.

that is why i am on this journey, i am renewing my faith, and i am training my son and fiance in there faith. so they can see just how beautiful it is to be wiccan. with out having to be manipulated . both have the interest in it. and honestly they deserve to opportunity to enjoy a truely goddess and god filled life.
i can not say it does not sadden me sometimes that threw out my entire 37yrs of igsistance and over 20yrs of me publically admitting to be a witch practitioner and a wiccan, nothing has changed. but i do not expect much from some. sadly i do not expect anything anymore. cause even though they do not burn us at the stake anymore there will always be family or strangers who wish they could. cause they feel like some were in there head a sprinkle of sink water made them a christian so that means they are saved. goddess watch over me and my child and my fiance. for on this journey...trials and evil will cross our path. give us strength to resist work within the creed

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Well its seven weeks post op, rny gastric bypass. my stomach can drink roughly 8oz at a time while my pouch has progressed in the healing process from 2oz to now about 3.5oz pending on the type of food. it is wonderful to see that i am finally healing up. All my surgery inscisions are all healed up minus one. the dehydration, low protein, and unable to exercise all have slowed down my healing. my weight loss has been going slow and steady. i have had some ups and downs. but i continue to lose weight. as the protein slowed down, the weight slowed down. my fear of hitting a stall is sinking in. but first i am working on my dehydration and protein. then i will focus on all others. my fibro continue to quake through the day but with the help of muscle relaxants, and pain meds i was able to get a good night sleep for one. today is the hope for a full protein, full water fix day. and monday will start walkin on tredmill again. i am happy to know that i have a amazing suport system. doing some preparing today. getting my meds tray ready, my counters straightened out, my binders full of paper to create a good journal and updating my online weight loss monitoring sight to help with it all. goddess give me the strength to pull myslf up by my boot straps and walk on this journey like im supose to. hold me tight as i get my footing again. i do not want ot fail. i need toget healthly.

blessed be..


as the rush of samhain glow comes to pass, the pumpkins start to wilt away an the altar continues to glow from the many blessings of ancestors that passed visiting. I look around and realize oh my goddess yule is just next month. With me being just 7 weeks post op from a gastric bypass i looked threw many recipes and wonder how do you celebrate yule and prepare food that is both yule appropriate as well as weight loss surgery healthy. as many know on yule we prepare some amazing recipes. drinks, soda bread, bread pudding. all these things i am no longer able to eat. bread being one of the big issues. i can eat toast, flat bread, an wraps, but soft bread can cause blockage in my bypass intestinal hole and create a stricture that would cause me to have to be taken in for a endoscopy procedure to remove it. so just like with samhain i flip threw thousands of recipes, i am spending the next few weeks altering and substituting items so that i can celebrate yule with my family and still enjoy a great yule meal.

this will be my son's 8th yule, but traditionally our house is decorated for both yule and christmas. due to the fact that my family is baptist. and my household is wiccan. this year we are gonna to celebrate all the sabbaths and decorate my house the way we want it. i traditionally have a white tree. but it will hopefully be changed to a black christmas tree this year. my dream tree. also just as with samhain i will be creating our own family traditons that will be carried on yearly. my son dragon had such a wonderful time this past samhain that he is looking forward to the next sabbath. it is so wonderful to see the true joy in his eyes finally as he starts to understand what this faith is truely about it.

blessed be

Thursday, November 3, 2011

samhain rocked

sabbath pumpkins
dragon decided he would be harry potter for school an wolverine for the nite.

well what can i say...samhain rocked. i tended to my mom, we enjoyed veiewin our samhain pumpkins we carved together, an we watched transformers at the end of the nite. an i filled everyones belly with my homemade veggie beef stew. it was a blast. mom makes the most amazing faces when she eats. she was sooo happy. and the day after dragon went to school talkin about samhain as the mornin classroom share portion. i loved it. he was soo happy to just do our sabbath versus goin trick or treatin. an i had a bag of candy an everyone in the house got some from it..if they said trick or treatin was cute..giggle

blessed be

Sunday, October 30, 2011

With Samhain just around the corner


bright blessings and goddess love to you. Samhain is less than twenty four hours away. my samhain sabbath weekend celebration with my son and fiance was set off a tad. we watched our shows in the morning on saturday morning. but as i tried on a few outfits to check out the weight loss progress thus far post op from rny. i tried on a pair of non stretch denim capris which buttoned an snugglie zipped but they did zip. i kept them on for a bit..but they squez my stomach so after taking them off. i felt ill an my stomach tender.  so like usual i rested. an tahdah i ended up wakin up this mornin. i swear you can tell when my protein an water are both low. my body gets fatigued really quickly. so the plan to carve our pumpkins have been set off till today. gonna do them early this morning. then gonna start my potter movie fest. or halloween town an twitches marathon then transformers tonite.

one thing that i have truely enjoyed is getting back to my wiccan roots. being able to plan this sabbath with my son and fiance has made a large difference in my life. it gives me joy to know that i am balancing out an returning to the person i once was. for the longest time i would sit and watch my friends go party and become very depressed cause i was not someone that was willing to dump my child off on my mother to go partying. or willing to risk losing my own home and ending up having to burden my mother who has already raised me once with the burden of having to raise my son and me again. i just instead would miss out on stuff. then on halloween when the partys arose i would just not get invited or could not make it cause my sitters have jobs or children of there own. or i put my life with my child before acting like i was before i become a mother. i always dreamt that i would raise my son in the wiccan faith when he was ready now he is ready..he gave me the sign when he chose the sabbath celebration over trick or treating. it means he is ready. the moment in a witch's life when your witchlet shows the true sign that he or she is ready to learn an grow in the faith is atruely proud moment. and it is a big milestone on the journey to the new me.

so this morning,  im gonna work on my protein, gonna carve my sabbath pumpkins, an gonna enjoy my day. an when samhain arrives im gonna enjoy my sabbath.

blessed be

Friday, October 28, 2011


well today is my 6wk post op rny surgery date. which means that 6wks ago today i underwent a life changing experience that in hopes will help extend my life an give my a longer life with both my fiance as well as the main reason i done son. 6 wks ago i walked in to university of Virginia hospital and dr. kliener changed my life. now over the past 6 wks post op i have under gone many complications. many of which they do not prepare you for in the class you have to mandatory take before you can have surgery. you also do not usually hear all the things that can happen to you and that you can or may endure once you have surgery. you hear how the surgeon will cut your stomach an give you what is known as a pouch. will take your full size stomach an when you wake up you will have a pouch that holds 4oz..aka a half a cup. what they do not tell you is. that measurement is not a exact science. so for some that leave the hospital  me being one of them we may leave unable to even swallow 2oz of food. for the first 3wks post op i was on blenderized food. food that had the texture of applesauce. an at times you wish you could just eat nothing but apple sauce. but then for a week you will progress to what they call phase3 the soft food. it means that if you can squish it with a fork it is considered soft. then the end of week for. you will go to your final phase. phase 4 regular food. you will one by one add in different types of foods that you use to eat. just healthier as well as alot smaller portions. it is also suggested that you join a support group so that you know that you are not alone in this struggle. as well as some people will find out that depression will become a large part of your life after surgery. now that was the one thing that i was pleased about. i know who gets happy about depression. not normal right. well for me..i am permanently disabled due to bipolar number 2. i have severe ptsd, an severe society anxiety as well as severe anxiety disorder  along with other medical conditions. but when they said hey you may need a shrink after surgery i laughed. cause i am already on the meds needed for it. for once it was something i could say i already was prepared for. an yes there are days that you feel like omg some one please make it stop. those days when you know you have been busting your booty an tahdah you find yourself laying in the hospital being told your are at a dangerous dehydration level. all you can say is wtf. I looked into support groups in my area an the one through the hospital and i have discovered that there are some really angry plus size people in this world. an at least in my county. an sadly some get very upset to learn that maybe your weight loss up to this point is more than they had in a 6 month time frame . so i found a amazing group. and out of respect for the group everyone agrees to not use the name on there blogs as well as there facebook profiles. cause some people have not or made a conscious choice not to let others know they had this procedure. an i truly respect that choice. at times i regret sharing it. but then i realize that if i can give one person knowledge, insight into a person's rny post op life, as well as just some support that the things they go through are not just them. then i feel like i have helped someone.
this journey has been a hard one. at 6wks post op i have been in the hospital for potential strictures, dangerous dehydration levels, more than once. as well as acid reflux issues ,projective vomiting, and as of yesterday a potential heart attack or stroke. which by the grace of goddess i was told i did not have. but in that has caused so much stress on my stomach pouch as well as my weight loss progression. due to all the medical complications over the past 3 wks. it slowed down my weight loss considerably and i was not able to drink my protein shakes cause i could not stomach them nor was  i able to reach my daily protein requirement an on most days could not even eat very much. so in that my stomach has been just icky. but i have lost a nice amount of weight over the past few weeks. 
yesterday was a hard day in general after being in the hospital all day . i did come home an eat a small amount. i wake up this morning pretty rested but at the same time even though my ekg an stuff came back fine i am still having phantom chest pain issues.  but i think part of it is indigestion. sometimes i forget that even eating a couple bites of something means you have to wait to drink before an after it. that is what makes it hard sometimes with this lifestyle. i see so many people who just want this surgery cause they believe this is some easy way out of weight loss. they look in there mirror an they hate themselves. well first off. get over that shit really fast seriously . i mean no disrespect to people. but omg if you hate yourself that damn much cause you are sooo damn over weight fyitah dah they get it. fyi i hope those people fail. i know it is wrong to wish that on people. but day in day out i have to live with this life changing experience, i have to not only alter my own life, but in return it changes your children's life, and if you have a mate it will change theres. if you are low income family like  i can not afford a ton of healthy stuff then a bunch of crap for them to eat too. so everyone must change. but then there are people that just eat what they want. wow it upsets me. and honestly the bullshit that people believe this is a easy way out of weight loss. those people do not deserve this procedure either. cause they really need to tell me what the hell is so easy about having a stomach that isn't even 4 ounces. that on most days a 2oz  is all you can eat. having to eat every 3 hrs. having to make sure you get your protein. and making sure you get at least 64oz of water in a day. all in is not easy. the making sure every single bite is chewed up to dang near mush before you swallow so that it doesn't get stuck in the hole. so all in all, its isn't easy. the fact that you gotta swallow pills all the time for something. so to those people wow get a clue. don't say its the easy way out. an do not whine cause your life is soooo awful cause you want a procedure that you mentally just want to have cause you believe it is gonna magically make you look like you did wayyy back in the day or some one that you have never looked like in your life. this journey you embark on is not about lookin hot its about becoming healthy an changing your life in a good way. 

i tell anyone...i carried my heavy load, i burst into flames an crumbled to as i awoke from my procedure like a phoenix i arose. i rise to the sky to take flight once more. but only this time i have been  given a second chance. an for that i am blessed. blessed be

Thursday, October 20, 2011



There comes a moment in every parents life were it defines you as a true parent. were you know whether you had a child and have grown as a parent or if you had a child and someone needs to whoop your ever loving arse for even being allowed to reproduce. Some parents use there children for a meal ticket or more correctly a government ticket some parents use there kids for a means to trap some dna'd person into a life long attachment into there lives. for some reason that one still makes me burst out laughing. cause i have yet to see how getting someone pregnant or you getting knocked up is gonna turn some big ass light bulb on in the other persons head and make them go. oh wait I'm cheating on my wife or husband with this person and now they are pregnant. you know what i should marry thing. righttttt and if that happens...can someone please tell me were they bought that beach front property in Ohio at too..cause my ass is not visiting. cause someone got some quicksand in the basement.  now no today is not a rant on how dumb some parental breeding tactics are..cause ohhh that is sooo another day. today is about something that happened to my son dragon yesterday morning and i did not get to find out about it until he got off the bus. and how the parenting is so different between me and the other parents.

yesterday morning as always my fiance..but i refer to him as hubby. took my 8yr old son dragon to the bus stop right outside the apartment complex we live in. now for some reason. were the kids usually stand and line up at. there were many vehicles and stuff parked and blocking alot of view from parents. which is unusual in the mornings in this area. at least at the bus stop area. first complain. now like any other typical morning. my son was post adhd medication but was still as headstrong and stubborn and refusing to listen to his step dad as normal. when i am not outside he thinks cause my hubby is quiet he does not have to listen. an since hubby is not his dna'd father an has never been a parent and came from a family in tenns that he watched other people bad parent ppls kids. he doesn't really know how to or what to say to dragon when he gets that bad. cause no matter when you tell dragon to stop an stand by you dragon believes he needs to run around with those taunting bad ass baybay kids that should be whooped with a belt fuk a hand. fuk that i take that back. they should just be forcefully taken from there parents and put into foster care until the parents can actually be parents. butttt i get off subject....
now here is where the shit gets to the point that you just say..what the sam hell....the bus they ride is coming around the parking lot turn at the lower end. which is a signal for all the children to get in there prospective grade lines per the mandate of the bus driver (oh my goddess do not even get me started on that bull shit rain or shine my son has to be herded like cattle an cant get on a bus till all children are in there cute little grade lines..bullshit) anyway.... with my hubby's view blocked as well as many parents view blocked two children took it as the perfect time to assault my son. now first off..please refer to the photo at the top of this blog. look at the size of my son. look at the fact that for can see that when my son gets to like gym where they say climb a rope or dodge ball he is destine to be the kid that will be out first or still hanging at the bottom of the rope like steve urchell with rock star hair. now in his defense...rock stars nor doctors have to be pro honestly come son is if i am lucky...maybe near 49-50pounds. he is not underfed. he is not starved. he eats school breakfast, eats school lunch . an trust and believe he eats dinner at home. i may only eat 3oz..but that child eats an eats and eats..then 20mins later..he is usually eatin some fruit. but my son just his scrawny...yep just like his dna'd father and i he is scrawny. (we were both scrawny when we were very small..then poof) anyway....with that my son only weighs like less than 50 pounds with his backpack an stuff on..well the bus is at hte lower end. an rounding the turn....coming in view but not complete view of all the rows of children. parents are distracted with there own kids. an some are actually in view of the lines..but problem...some do not know who my son is.nor who i am...with that...this one child...we will call him subject (ds) and this other child ..we will call him (fb) took it upon themselves to use this as a perfect opportunity to assault my son. (ds) had (fb) hold my son's arms behind him...while they were in line..and (ds) physically kicked my son in his with this said..if you do not like foul language...stop reading now...cause this is the moment my blog is gonna get i gave you time and i warned you....with that said...
it is my understanding..that my son actually started crying at this point. he was kicked hard enough that the pain rushed to his stomach and insides an tears were brought to his eyes. the (fb) child let him go. then the two bullies got on the bus as if they had not done nothing. with this the hell does any mother fucking parent in the got damn world teach there child to be such self absorbed violent offenders and to think that they are above the laws and morals that they must pick on someone to bodily harm. it is also my understand. that the landlord was standing way down on the lower end an from were she usually stands she would not have had a clear view of the incident. but with that said. i was informed by talking with her. that it was brought to her attention by a few parents that a altercation had just occurred as the bus was pulling up. but evidently it was by parents who was not aware who my son was nor who i am. for if the parents new me. the average parent would have walked over to my hubby and told him or would have came straight to the apartment and told me ..or hell texted me.
but instead my son road in severe pain to school. went and looked for the principle but she was busy and at the same time he still had to go get in the breakfast line so he didn't miss his breakfast. plus he had to attempt to relieve himself. at least one good thing he did manage to relieve himself with out pain. he didn't not find the principle so he went to the line got his breakfast, went potty and went to class. all of which would be ok....except the child that assaulted him..the one that actually physically kicked my son in his winky is in his class.  and this is not the first time this child has bullied my son. i had a incident about a week and a half almost 2 Fridays ago..were my son was at lunch an was put at the silent table. yep my son acted up. the silent table is when u didn't bring a homework folder home, didn't get a parent to do something and because of that at lunch you gotta sit at the table. also if you are a bad ass kid during class then u can be placed at it. my son had not brought a folder home the night before. well he was placed at the table. the child (ds) was at the table. an from what i understand usually the two of them got along. well the child got up and decided to walk around the table and call my son a fucking with that said...all i gotta say is what the hell. i was very proud of my son. he didn't resort to name calling. he went to a adult which aided him in getting him from the child. i was told over the weekend an talked to the teacher that Monday. well this child is now a bully. the (fb) kid i have since learned use to be nice an get along with dragon .now as the lines are formed for the bus it seems that he an dragon get to arguing some times..then other days they play. well with that..the (fb) child is known around here as a very sweet child usually. but when i realized who the child was..i remembered instantly the incident last year were the same child decided to pick on my son on the bus ride home and we had to go to his sitter/family member. she got pissed cause when u compare my son's size to like this child its like looking at a banana to a the fuck does that type of bullying seem even remotely fair. now i have had talks with the school off and on over the past few the school knows i am not one of those parents that believes ooohhh my child can do no wrong. the hell i do..hell i am the first to say that my son can act a as. can even make some problems worst. but under no circumstances is it or will it ever be right for a child to ever in there lifetime to put there mother fucking hands on my son or any other body part. bullying is not tolerated in school nor by me...there are alot of parents who work hard to protect the smaller children no matter there age. and who also love an care alot about dragon. and the fact is..i may be in alot of pain from the fact that i did not rest at all last not over the fact that my son was assaulted and until i get the full name and apartment number of the (ds) child that kicked my son...and then talk to a officer to find out what i can legally do. i will not rest. that shit is assault. i am gonna talk to the school today. cause i fear for my son right now. i even think it may be time that i call his father. we do not have much contact but the one thing i can say is that threw the years  the one thing he has been there for is to defend his son when he is bullied. today I'm going to the bus stop..tomorrow my mother is off work an she is coming out there. i swear i will get the child's name. an something will be done..cause hell or high water this shit is not right...I'm done with the violence..and no one understand how stressful this crap is.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011



the days tick on an the phase 4 regular part of the diet seems to be my hardest part. along this crazed insane journey. i walk along everyday and think to myself. what the heck did i do. then i look in the mirror and think girl suck it up. no one told me it was gonna be sunshine and rainbows so i do not see why i seem suprised sometimes when all of a sudden that invisible brick wall smacks me so hard im like dangggggggg didnt see that coming..roflmao. well last nite was no exception. last nite i sat queezy. gotta love me new word. i will not say i was hurlin cause it never made it to that point. but it was a 3 bite nite. the surgeon told me that right now my pouch is badly irritated from all the vomitting and stuff it has been threw. so its called a grouchy pouch. sorry but i know grouchy..this is not grouchy. this is damn near pmsing pouch. this thing is moody as a woman with no pain releaver, her heating pad broke an who just found out that the kids ate all the sweets in the house an the old man drank all the coffee an didnt tell her. yep that is my pouch right now. soooo for today an probably tomorow i have put my pouch in a time out. broth is gonna be its friend. and maybe some crackers if she behaves..but other than that. to hell with her..roflmao. im so tired of screamin in pain im like ok..positive my is stay the hell away from dixie day..roflmao.

now on a good note..i got my sabbath cookie cutters, my pumpkin patterns an carving tools, and i got the sugar cookie ingredients, all of wich im am very happy about. my mom an i discussed it an we think were gonna give back to the local farmers this year an get my sabbeth pumpkins from one of the roadside pumpkin stands. there is this one right up the road from my house. so this makes me happy. lol. all in all im pleased.

oh and i did find out some really good news...i can eat a littel bit of hambuger helper or a slither of pizza if i want..just everything is in moderation...hense the title of this one..also some amazing ppl gave me some great healthy recipes to help me out. even help me make my own little really good high protien low carb type pizzas..i jsut have to tell myslf everything in that is wonderful. so now once my pouch gets off gonna try the little lean cuisine mini pizza first. or one of the healthy recipes..that makes me sooo siked. i wouldnt know what i would do with out hte great support of such wonderful ppl.

blessed be an hope everyone has a great day

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



NOW ON TO MY MORNING POSITIVE STATUS! good morning my blogger followers friends/family. well as 5wks creeps closer, the weather changes, and my wiccan sabbath grows closer (samhain) i enjoy my journey to the new me. i wore my pentacle caftan into my son's elementary school an no one flinched. loved it, wore it out in stores no one flintched. it gives me hope cause years before this journey was harder. now i know one reason the goddess chose now for this to happen. cause society is ready. an its less stress on my heart and mental state. i asked my son if he would rather go trick or treating or do some great samhain family stuff at home. he chose samhain stuff. so we are carving our first family pumpkin, baking sugar cookies even got my mom a coffin shape cookie cutter, paintin smaller pumpkins, and gonna watch great movies.
also some ppl may have noticed i have stopped saying much about my rny bypass on my fb page. i recently got some negative comments as well as some kinda rude demands for me to tell how much i have loss thus far on my fb page.. an for that it makes me regret ever allowing anyone know that i was gettin the procedure. i thought sharing was a good thing. but no one understands how tough this journey is. for those that want to say i took the easy way out or make comments about how theyre losing weight the right way by dieting coodoos. but here is a little inside look for those ppl. shut ur trap. u will have permission to breath in my presence again. when a surgeon severes ur intire stomach. leaving u w a pouch that if ur lucky holds 4oz. mine holds 2.5-3oz  were u have no digestive juices. were ur hair is gonna fall out at 5mnths, were pain an vommiting makes the exercism look lke childs play compaired to what you go threw. and were your are not doin this for some vain thing .ur doin this so your child doesnt find you dead one mornin. so until u have that..shut ur trap.. and as for me not tellin ur my my dang weight. its nunya. i do not need to here wow that much. or oh that little, or my friend lost so much more by that point. well im doin by the surgeons way. i am not takin short cuts.
it amazes me on this journey how you get to see how real some people are. when you were all fluffy. an your so called friends were skinny and you were the miserable one. you got told, oh gurl ur beautiful. oh gurl ain't nothing wrong with you, they treated you like a friend. then wam. you go out and do something to better your life. and it amazes me cause people want to assume you are doing it because someone else they or you know has done it. they no nothing of the struggle you have went threw for how ever many years. they know nothing of the fight your doctors have documented an the weight loss failures that are on file or how many years and no one should have to spend there positive energy denfending themselves over and over again. if someone is that shallow then they need not to be in my life. honestly. i take pride in this large journey i am taking on. i am renewing and restrengthening my faith in wiccan and starting to truely teach my son his sabbaths. and at the same time i am trying to stay positive amongst alot of set backs and aches, pains and nausea. but it will not stop me.  i am thankful for this blogspot. for it allows me to clear my head each morning an stay positive.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

determination and positive attitude

each day i wake up, i sit up in bed, with my husband back pillow resting behind me. my big black short haired familiar cat named onyx curled up usually wedged in some part of my body that makes me think omg if i roll over i swear i would squish her. and i look down upon my floor where my hubby has camped out. with his blanket and pillow. sadly since my surgery i have not felt comfortable enough in or around my stomach to have him sleeping in the bed with me. but with all the nausea and random other ailments that happen in the night. he, my mother, and I have all seen fit that he should not sleep to far away. normally i would not care were he sleeps..but since i do have heart issues and those seem to happen random too. i finally stopped arguing with my mother and him. an said yes i will let him camp on the floor. so with my trust bad ass walker at the end of my bed, my cane in reach at all times, and water near by at all times, an a snoring hubby (really fiance but he is more of a hubby than anything) on my floor. i sit, grab my laptop. an usually start out my day. the mornings are really frustrating. cause all i use to do before the rny gastric bypass. i no longer have the desire to do anymore. most of the face book games i don't want to be on. all i want is to catch up on the dieing of thirst feeling i have, and the exhausted feeling. an to get control of both my meds, and vitamin schedule as well as a steady exercise routine. 
i have been blessed that i have a wonderful surgeon and staff plus i already had a wonderful primary doctor and staff. an heart doctor an staff. so all together they make one great team. but with this big life change. it is on me to get control of how things are done. sadly i feel so out of sync. i keep telling myself to make a routine. stick too it. but when you have a hubby that makes your meals. does something an you gotta question the way its prepared so that its to the letter. it gets frustrating. i never realized how frustrating it is. and sadly if i say anything its like i hurt his feelings. so i just try to stay determined. i think what i am gonna do is start doing stuff digitally. so that he can just pull it up and tahdah no altering. he is a gamer. so he would rather short change me. or make alterations that he believes will cut his time later. than to understand it can make me deathly sick or even harm me. well time to wake the snoring man and the snoring cat. and start the day. gotta take all my pills. just keep telling myself..determination an positive attitude. cause with out those two things...I'm screwed

Friday, October 14, 2011

4wks on the journey



Sunday, October 9, 2011

the journey to a healthier me....gastric bypass...3wks 2days post op

well it has been a little over 3 weeks since i underwent one of the most major surgeries a person can endure. I dixiewitch had a gastric bypass. 3 wks later. im still struggling to get close to being able to ingest 4oz of solid food. (well blended food or soft food) but has found ways to get my protien in. healing process has been a tough one. recently learning that type two diabetics even if sugars are maintained they still struggle an have slower healing times than the average non diabetic. so my outer skin is healing very well. but my insides are very tender in places. also i have had many food allergies, many difficulties with foods that i once could eat but now are not able to tolerate anymore. an each time i suffer with a nausea issue or bad food tolerance issue that results in not keeping food down. my insides seem to become more na more tender. an irritated. due to the fact that narcotic medications can cause constipation an addiction. i chose not to take the medications they tell me to unless i am in unbearable pain that i have no choice. all i know is that this is a new journey. an i am not looking back. staying positive. moving forward. and gonna do my best to live my life to the fullest. an give my life a second chance to become the woman i know i should be.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

school is just right around the corner

isnt it funny how if you child has adhd, or your faith isnt a bible thumping one. all of a sudden. region 10 becomes damn near rabid dogs to want to keep tryin to give ur kid these "special type of therapist" ok so here is one i never heard of before. ia art therapist. pretty sure that is the same thing they gave the psych patients in the loony bin. but was told. oh your child loves to draw. so she would have him draw an while he is drawing she would just chat with him an ask him questions...whoop whoop whoop. red flag. my son already had a teacher that screwed up him liking playin games with grown ups. cause she used it to get info to try to say i was unfit for being bedridden with my heath. now they want thim to hate drawing. cause some shrink starts askin questions. hell my son doesnt draw sunshine an rainbows. he draws stuff that could make a grownup cringe. an i suport that. cause its a creative mind. i dont ask why. he tells me what it makes since. an we move on. now the latest is that they want to give him a 2 month mentor that he would only have for you read that right 2 mnths. an only visit with once a week. she would take him places. suposeto meet the crazy chick today. but wow lets see. the chick will help him transistion into 3rd grade. wouldnt be that bad if she was gonna visit at school. but not sure how goin to the musuem an parks help u transition. my think is. they are makin this bigggg deal cuase my son is a only child. he hangs out with his grammy, me an my fiance, he is happy. so what is the malfunction. if it comes down to goin to someones house that doesnt correct there children, who back talk there parents an kids that are subjected to illigal substances etc. or stayin home with us. then what the heck am im doin so wrong. cause he is happy with what we do. idk i guess in there world wiccans an pagans still do not igsist except for in movies. so they need to convert the children to save them. goddess give me strength

 it amazes a single child can suposedly be so lonely an miserable in the eyes of ppl that do not understand a faith or fear it. but this right here shows..dragon is perfectly happy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Goddess give me strength


So i got this wild hair to use my knowledge and the fact that my health keeps me so bed ridden at times. and turn it into a possitive. My witchlet will soon start the 3rd grade in public school. an i truely dred another year were his self esteem gets beaten down because he is not some cookie cutter mold of what society and bible thumpers say children are supose tobe. my son is healthy, happy an enjoys his life. and soo with that said. i have decided that this will be both a journal to document some of the teachings as it has now come time for him to finally start his path. as well as to document the ups and downs of being a wiccan in a school full of june cleaver cookie cutter molded pto moms and dads. from the hi im the that isnt a star of david its a pentacle. so sit back and enjoy my blog. an hopefully it will reach out to other wiccans an help them to know that they are not allone in this world. and all i can say is...GODDESS GIVE ME STRENGTH!!1!


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