Monday, November 14, 2011


goddess i ask thee, why must i walk alone. goddess answers ...child you are never alone you have me by your side. but goddess why must i always be misunderstood. she answers..cause some can not see past there own blinders. goddess why must i never have company or friends to call my own. she answers...cause my child your heart may be open to them but they may not be open to you. so you may be on two different journeys. But goddess doesn't that mean my is destine to find small happiness then to lose it along my journey. Goddess asnwers...No my child. it just means that when it is time for things to be set free they will go. in order to make room for new things. some may stay forever, some for a moment an some just long enough for you to learn a important thing. Goddess may i ask you something else.. yes my child what is it. Goddess why do i embark on these journeys, find groups that i feel perfectly fit me. then when i feel like i can call it home and the people friends. why do they set me free and walk away.... Goddess smiles and looks at here kindly an says...MY CHILD LET ME ASK YOU SOMETHING, AN SEE IF THIS HELPS YOU TO UNDERSTAND THIS BETTER... in this group, did you find ppl that reached out to you and became your friend outside the group...yes my goddess, ok lil one..did you find knowledge that you did not know prior..yes goddess. did those friends you made support you on your fb page outside the group...yes goddess some truely have become wonderful support. DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN... the blessing of new friends. MY CHILD SOMETIMES YOU MUST ACCEPT THINGS SO THAT YOU CAN HEAL AN MOVE ON. LIFT YOURSLF UP. .goddess but why doess it always have to end this way. why can't it end positively. My child this is your journey. you can not succeed on your journey if you rely on others and there journey. cause will always compare urself to them. you are a individual and it is ur journey and you must live your life for you. my child i know it hurts now. but you will grow an those friends will still be there. (@copywrited and writen by danielle nikki robinson)

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