Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Soooo i've been mia for a few weeks...guess what i've been doing

as yule is coming i shake the germs and prepare the altar
So i've been mia for the past 3wks or so...guess what i have been doing. yep you guessed it correctly. i have been sick off my ever slimming booty. I caught this awful cold started with a small sneeze and some mild congestion. then of course being any good mother i quickly jumped in my jeep, woosh off to walmart i went, getting out of the jeep i swore i heard the goddess or one of my guardians say the words "go back home" but being that i had started to sweat a little i thought ok this cold has me feeling wierd. i gotta get this medicine an then i will be ok. so walking into walmart that instant feeling that you just walked into the world of cooties hit me hard. customers coughing on produce. well that prevented me from even attempting to get some bananas and grapes to at least eat something. going down the frozen isle old lady sneezes into her hands then reaches threw the frozen healthy breakfast items...only to discover she didn't want it. placing it back. my brain screamed oh hell nah im not going to go in that container either. it all of a sudden became a warzone. the fact that so many people toss there germs around onto stuff, onto complete strangers and people like me with comprimised health due to surgeries etc are the ones that suffer. well i finally made it to the pharmacy. an tahdah i get a return call from my surgeon at that time too on my cell. sooo happy to hear that voice. between him and the pharmasist they let me know what i am allowed to take for the symptoms and what i would need to take if i progress worst. being that now that i have a rny gastric bypass it isn't as much of a simple grab a bottle of something and go option.  i was blessed to find 2 liquid items that i did not even care if i could stomach the taste of i just wanted relief. quickly went off to the tissues and discovered klennex has vicks vaporub tissues ...grabbed a box. now the hardest thing is that i walked past the oj ready to cry cause all oj has tooo much sugar suposedly in it for us. an normally when not sick they do not recommend more than a cup a day of juice. due to all the stuff in it. but me beginning ot start feeling really bad i could tell i was gonna need some gatorade and oj ...thankfully there is a low sugar low cal gatorade called g2 an they sell it in the one flavor i can stomach the taste of. quickly grabbed a 12pack an left the store.
as i got home my body already was alerting me that i was getting sick. i took some meds, rested an informed hubby that i was gonna be quarenteening myself to my room an that my son dragon was not to come in due to germs an the attempt to see my son go a school year with out missing any days. so by that nite i was progressively worst. by moring tahdah i was in the doctors office being told guess what dixie you got upper respirtory issues and a virus. ok take these things over the counter an push fluids..so you do not get hospitalized for dehydration. well i had to quickly call my nutrionist. cause as a rny patient we are required to injest a certain amount of protein a day. an i could not stomach anything. she gave ma few liquid suggestions an told me she would email me with some more. an to rest an drink lots ofwater. so i did. i ran out to the store an as i was lookin through the oj i found one with the maxium amount of sugar allowed for a rny patient and the correct fat, no pulp, extra calcium an extra vitamin d. i quickly hit my nutritionist up an she agreed to allow me to drink it since i was not able to eat anything i was gonna need vitamins an minerals from some were. was allowed 3 8oz glasses a day, it taste like heaven im not gonna life. after 2 wks i had a cough that my neighbors could hear in the middle of the night. so many would text and message me asking if i was ok. cause they felt so bad for me listening to me cough all hours of the night. i finally found with the surgeon an pharmisist help a maximus strength dose an  flu/sore throat combo that started to work. all together i have been in shere hell for the past few weeks. and as a empath i could feel my mothers exhaustion as she prepared to manange over her walmart store for black friday at the same time as i was sick. it was awful. i finally felt well enough to get up an grab the crock pot an make some turkey burger chili for protein, started stomaching protein coffee again, and finally was downin water like i needed to. an keepin my meds down again. now im workin on preparing for the yule holiday. i created some ornaments that will need some touching up, but all in all it has been a rough few weeks. and omg i need rest. but i gotta stay focused and pick myslf up and be ready to continue on my journey being sick doesnt stop you from remembering that you had a surgery recently it just makes things a little difficult for awhile. now i gotta get myslf back on track

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  1. So glad your feeling better! I was sick last week too, my son shared his germs to me. Wasn't fun at all!



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