Thursday, November 3, 2011

samhain rocked

sabbath pumpkins
dragon decided he would be harry potter for school an wolverine for the nite.

well what can i say...samhain rocked. i tended to my mom, we enjoyed veiewin our samhain pumpkins we carved together, an we watched transformers at the end of the nite. an i filled everyones belly with my homemade veggie beef stew. it was a blast. mom makes the most amazing faces when she eats. she was sooo happy. and the day after dragon went to school talkin about samhain as the mornin classroom share portion. i loved it. he was soo happy to just do our sabbath versus goin trick or treatin. an i had a bag of candy an everyone in the house got some from it..if they said trick or treatin was cute..giggle

blessed be

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