Friday, November 30, 2012

Sometimes letting go is one of the hardest things to do

sometimes letting go is hard to do. and it weighs down on you like rain of fire pouring down on the soul. but you need to face that if you keep somethings in your life then you will never move on. you can not be happy in your present if you hold on to things from your past that are dead and gone. when something ends sometimes you have to be the bigger person and remove all traces of them. don't allow it to weigh you down. cause you are creating a negative life around you. positive invites positive. negative welcomes negative. always ask yourself one thing when you want to welcome something or someone back into your life.

when you answer that...remember exactly why and close that down..sweep them out of your life..clense your soul and move forward. you can not move forward if you are constantly looking backwards. 



Thursday, November 29, 2012

Remembering does not mean you don't need to move on

One of the things I have learned over the years is that memories are precious. But one thing that I have also learned is that even if you hold on to the good memories. You must let go of your past. You can cherish the things that happened good with people. But at some point in your life you must accept that one of the greatest rewards you can give yourself is to heal. I use to sit and wonder why stuff happened the way it did. Why one person would walk into your life, touch your soul in a profound way and then just as deep as they touched you in a good way. They would rip your soul from you leaving you hurt and crumbled. But after many years and many years of pain and sorrow and rises from the ashes. I finally came to understand something. I realized that people are there for a reason. even the most painful ones. You are taught so much from you smiles, your laughter, your tears, your falls, and your successes and failures. It is up to you to hold on to just the memories. Not the past. One of the hardest things in life is to separate those two things. The past is the past. But memories are photos in your mind of knowledge that you must keep to study and learn from.
Each take a spot in your mind but its up to you to decipher what you must keep and what you must toss. My blood runs through me. And my Memories dance with in it. I stand before the God and the Goddess as I awake each day. I ask them to hold me tight on my journey and help me through my day. And as I walk my journey each day. and decipher through all the past and save what I want to keep and carry into the future. The goddess always whispers in my ear "hold tight to your memories little one. but let go of the past" and with that..i do just that. I do not long for those of my past. I accept that some I will never hear the words sorry from. I will never know why things happened the way they did. And I will even not know why life has taken us so far apart. But I say Thank you in the air to them and let it go. Cause it is my past, and it can not be changed, my present I am currently living and my future is yet to be determined. But I walk the path of the goddess and all I know is that I remember but continue to move on. Goddess thank you for each day. And blessed be. I am ready for my renewal.


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