About Me

Well i am a stay at home mother. a proud solitary wiccan practioner. I have studied wicca both in secret as well as publicly since i was 8yrs old. i am the proud mother of a beautiful witchlet boy. who will soon embark on his own path journey.  I am also in the process of preparing for a wedlock to a newly on the pathed wiccaned gothic gentleman. who my witchlet loves dearly. an also who we i love as well. we hope to find a priestess to do a hand fasting cerimony we have had many cyber cerimonies but our non virtual one will be our first. there are many upsets and downs with my health and as the journey an blog grows you will see there will be days of good an some of saddness based on what my health puts me threw.  I never consider myself a victim of any of the things i have had happen to me. i consider myself a survivor of them. an hope that threw my words. someone else will see that you can over come an stand strong in yourself an in your faith. i am a true phoenix risen.

from the ashes i rise once more for i am phonix risen

along my side my son does sore for he has risen


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