Sunday, January 15, 2012

ready for the good things to come back into cycle

today is my first post since december i have become very laxed in the things i do daily. an i soo need to change that. i had so much i wanted to start doing from day one of the new year. but with all that is going on personally in my life i just didn't start them. for a moment i was soo upset feelin like a failure. then wam.. the words i spewed at others slapped me hard in the face. why i am i trying to achieve some perfect resolution completion this is why i do not make resolutions. it should not be a one time moment that oyu make a goal. you need to make life altering choices when needed. its like casting on the moon cycle.  you know its the best thing to do. but you also know you have the opportunity an right to cast when exactly u need it. an not to have to wait how ever many weeks till the perfect moon. life is not perfect it doesnt come with some journal that dictates this will happen then. so yes i can still do those things. i am soo ready for the good things to come back into cycle. life is not perfect but it makes me miss the good stuff more. blessed be


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