Tuesday, August 9, 2011

school is just right around the corner

isnt it funny how if you child has adhd, or your faith isnt a bible thumping one. all of a sudden. region 10 becomes damn near rabid dogs to want to keep tryin to give ur kid these "special type of therapist" ok so here is one i never heard of before. ia art therapist. pretty sure that is the same thing they gave the psych patients in the loony bin. but was told. oh your child loves to draw. so she would have him draw an while he is drawing she would just chat with him an ask him questions...whoop whoop whoop. red flag. my son already had a teacher that screwed up him liking playin games with grown ups. cause she used it to get info to try to say i was unfit for being bedridden with my heath. now they want thim to hate drawing. cause some shrink starts askin questions. hell my son doesnt draw sunshine an rainbows. he draws stuff that could make a grownup cringe. an i suport that. cause its a creative mind. i dont ask why. he tells me what it is..it makes since. an we move on. now the latest is that they want to give him a 2 month mentor that he would only have for you read that right 2 mnths. an only visit with once a week. she would take him places. suposeto meet the crazy chick today. but wow lets see. the chick will help him transistion into 3rd grade. wouldnt be that bad if she was gonna visit at school. but not sure how goin to the musuem an parks help u transition. my think is. they are makin this bigggg deal cuase my son is a only child. he hangs out with his grammy, me an my fiance, he is happy. so what is the malfunction. if it comes down to goin to someones house that doesnt correct there children, who back talk there parents an kids that are subjected to illigal substances etc. or stayin home with us. then what the heck am im doin so wrong. cause he is happy with what we do. idk i guess in there world wiccans an pagans still do not igsist except for in movies. so they need to convert the children to save them. goddess give me strength

 it amazes me...how a single child can suposedly be so lonely an miserable in the eyes of ppl that do not understand a faith or fear it. but this right here shows..dragon is perfectly happy.


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