Sunday, October 30, 2011

With Samhain just around the corner


bright blessings and goddess love to you. Samhain is less than twenty four hours away. my samhain sabbath weekend celebration with my son and fiance was set off a tad. we watched our shows in the morning on saturday morning. but as i tried on a few outfits to check out the weight loss progress thus far post op from rny. i tried on a pair of non stretch denim capris which buttoned an snugglie zipped but they did zip. i kept them on for a bit..but they squez my stomach so after taking them off. i felt ill an my stomach tender.  so like usual i rested. an tahdah i ended up wakin up this mornin. i swear you can tell when my protein an water are both low. my body gets fatigued really quickly. so the plan to carve our pumpkins have been set off till today. gonna do them early this morning. then gonna start my potter movie fest. or halloween town an twitches marathon then transformers tonite.

one thing that i have truely enjoyed is getting back to my wiccan roots. being able to plan this sabbath with my son and fiance has made a large difference in my life. it gives me joy to know that i am balancing out an returning to the person i once was. for the longest time i would sit and watch my friends go party and become very depressed cause i was not someone that was willing to dump my child off on my mother to go partying. or willing to risk losing my own home and ending up having to burden my mother who has already raised me once with the burden of having to raise my son and me again. i just instead would miss out on stuff. then on halloween when the partys arose i would just not get invited or could not make it cause my sitters have jobs or children of there own. or i put my life with my child before acting like i was before i become a mother. i always dreamt that i would raise my son in the wiccan faith when he was ready now he is ready..he gave me the sign when he chose the sabbath celebration over trick or treating. it means he is ready. the moment in a witch's life when your witchlet shows the true sign that he or she is ready to learn an grow in the faith is atruely proud moment. and it is a big milestone on the journey to the new me.

so this morning,  im gonna work on my protein, gonna carve my sabbath pumpkins, an gonna enjoy my day. an when samhain arrives im gonna enjoy my sabbath.

blessed be

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