Tuesday, October 18, 2011



NOW ON TO MY MORNING POSITIVE STATUS! good morning my blogger followers friends/family. well as 5wks creeps closer, the weather changes, and my wiccan sabbath grows closer (samhain) i enjoy my journey to the new me. i wore my pentacle caftan into my son's elementary school an no one flinched. loved it, wore it out in stores no one flintched. it gives me hope cause years before this journey was harder. now i know one reason the goddess chose now for this to happen. cause society is ready. an its less stress on my heart and mental state. i asked my son if he would rather go trick or treating or do some great samhain family stuff at home. he chose samhain stuff. so we are carving our first family pumpkin, baking sugar cookies even got my mom a coffin shape cookie cutter, paintin smaller pumpkins, and gonna watch great movies.
also some ppl may have noticed i have stopped saying much about my rny bypass on my fb page. i recently got some negative comments as well as some kinda rude demands for me to tell how much i have loss thus far on my fb page.. an for that it makes me regret ever allowing anyone know that i was gettin the procedure. i thought sharing was a good thing. but no one understands how tough this journey is. for those that want to say i took the easy way out or make comments about how theyre losing weight the right way by dieting coodoos. but here is a little inside look for those ppl. shut ur trap. u will have permission to breath in my presence again. when a surgeon severes ur intire stomach. leaving u w a pouch that if ur lucky holds 4oz. mine holds 2.5-3oz  were u have no digestive juices. were ur hair is gonna fall out at 5mnths, were pain an vommiting makes the exercism look lke childs play compaired to what you go threw. and were your are not doin this for some vain thing .ur doin this so your child doesnt find you dead one mornin. so until u have that..shut ur trap.. and as for me not tellin ur my weight...fyi..its my dang weight. its nunya. i do not need to here wow that much. or oh that little, or my friend lost so much more by that point. well im doin by the surgeons way. i am not takin short cuts.
it amazes me on this journey how you get to see how real some people are. when you were all fluffy. an your so called friends were skinny and you were the miserable one. you got told, oh gurl ur beautiful. oh gurl ain't nothing wrong with you, they treated you like a friend. then wam. you go out and do something to better your life. and it amazes me cause people want to assume you are doing it because someone else they or you know has done it. they no nothing of the struggle you have went threw for how ever many years. they know nothing of the fight your doctors have documented an the weight loss failures that are on file or how many years and no one should have to spend there positive energy denfending themselves over and over again. if someone is that shallow then they need not to be in my life. honestly. i take pride in this large journey i am taking on. i am renewing and restrengthening my faith in wiccan and starting to truely teach my son his sabbaths. and at the same time i am trying to stay positive amongst alot of set backs and aches, pains and nausea. but it will not stop me.  i am thankful for this blogspot. for it allows me to clear my head each morning an stay positive.

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