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There comes a moment in every parents life were it defines you as a true parent. were you know whether you had a child and have grown as a parent or if you had a child and someone needs to whoop your ever loving arse for even being allowed to reproduce. Some parents use there children for a meal ticket or more correctly a government ticket some parents use there kids for a means to trap some dna'd person into a life long attachment into there lives. for some reason that one still makes me burst out laughing. cause i have yet to see how getting someone pregnant or you getting knocked up is gonna turn some big ass light bulb on in the other persons head and make them go. oh wait I'm cheating on my wife or husband with this person and now they are pregnant. you know what i should marry thing. righttttt and if that happens...can someone please tell me were they bought that beach front property in Ohio at too..cause my ass is not visiting. cause someone got some quicksand in the basement.  now no today is not a rant on how dumb some parental breeding tactics are..cause ohhh that is sooo another day. today is about something that happened to my son dragon yesterday morning and i did not get to find out about it until he got off the bus. and how the parenting is so different between me and the other parents.

yesterday morning as always my fiance..but i refer to him as hubby. took my 8yr old son dragon to the bus stop right outside the apartment complex we live in. now for some reason. were the kids usually stand and line up at. there were many vehicles and stuff parked and blocking alot of view from parents. which is unusual in the mornings in this area. at least at the bus stop area. first complain. now like any other typical morning. my son was post adhd medication but was still as headstrong and stubborn and refusing to listen to his step dad as normal. when i am not outside he thinks cause my hubby is quiet he does not have to listen. an since hubby is not his dna'd father an has never been a parent and came from a family in tenns that he watched other people bad parent ppls kids. he doesn't really know how to or what to say to dragon when he gets that bad. cause no matter when you tell dragon to stop an stand by you dragon believes he needs to run around with those taunting bad ass baybay kids that should be whooped with a belt fuk a hand. fuk that i take that back. they should just be forcefully taken from there parents and put into foster care until the parents can actually be parents. butttt i get off subject....
now here is where the shit gets to the point that you just say..what the sam hell....the bus they ride is coming around the parking lot turn at the lower end. which is a signal for all the children to get in there prospective grade lines per the mandate of the bus driver (oh my goddess do not even get me started on that bull shit rain or shine my son has to be herded like cattle an cant get on a bus till all children are in there cute little grade lines..bullshit) anyway.... with my hubby's view blocked as well as many parents view blocked two children took it as the perfect time to assault my son. now first off..please refer to the photo at the top of this blog. look at the size of my son. look at the fact that for can see that when my son gets to like gym where they say climb a rope or dodge ball he is destine to be the kid that will be out first or still hanging at the bottom of the rope like steve urchell with rock star hair. now in his defense...rock stars nor doctors have to be pro honestly come son is if i am lucky...maybe near 49-50pounds. he is not underfed. he is not starved. he eats school breakfast, eats school lunch . an trust and believe he eats dinner at home. i may only eat 3oz..but that child eats an eats and eats..then 20mins later..he is usually eatin some fruit. but my son just his scrawny...yep just like his dna'd father and i he is scrawny. (we were both scrawny when we were very small..then poof) anyway....with that my son only weighs like less than 50 pounds with his backpack an stuff on..well the bus is at hte lower end. an rounding the turn....coming in view but not complete view of all the rows of children. parents are distracted with there own kids. an some are actually in view of the lines..but problem...some do not know who my son is.nor who i am...with that...this one child...we will call him subject (ds) and this other child ..we will call him (fb) took it upon themselves to use this as a perfect opportunity to assault my son. (ds) had (fb) hold my son's arms behind him...while they were in line..and (ds) physically kicked my son in his with this said..if you do not like foul language...stop reading now...cause this is the moment my blog is gonna get i gave you time and i warned you....with that said...
it is my understanding..that my son actually started crying at this point. he was kicked hard enough that the pain rushed to his stomach and insides an tears were brought to his eyes. the (fb) child let him go. then the two bullies got on the bus as if they had not done nothing. with this the hell does any mother fucking parent in the got damn world teach there child to be such self absorbed violent offenders and to think that they are above the laws and morals that they must pick on someone to bodily harm. it is also my understand. that the landlord was standing way down on the lower end an from were she usually stands she would not have had a clear view of the incident. but with that said. i was informed by talking with her. that it was brought to her attention by a few parents that a altercation had just occurred as the bus was pulling up. but evidently it was by parents who was not aware who my son was nor who i am. for if the parents new me. the average parent would have walked over to my hubby and told him or would have came straight to the apartment and told me ..or hell texted me.
but instead my son road in severe pain to school. went and looked for the principle but she was busy and at the same time he still had to go get in the breakfast line so he didn't miss his breakfast. plus he had to attempt to relieve himself. at least one good thing he did manage to relieve himself with out pain. he didn't not find the principle so he went to the line got his breakfast, went potty and went to class. all of which would be ok....except the child that assaulted him..the one that actually physically kicked my son in his winky is in his class.  and this is not the first time this child has bullied my son. i had a incident about a week and a half almost 2 Fridays ago..were my son was at lunch an was put at the silent table. yep my son acted up. the silent table is when u didn't bring a homework folder home, didn't get a parent to do something and because of that at lunch you gotta sit at the table. also if you are a bad ass kid during class then u can be placed at it. my son had not brought a folder home the night before. well he was placed at the table. the child (ds) was at the table. an from what i understand usually the two of them got along. well the child got up and decided to walk around the table and call my son a fucking with that said...all i gotta say is what the hell. i was very proud of my son. he didn't resort to name calling. he went to a adult which aided him in getting him from the child. i was told over the weekend an talked to the teacher that Monday. well this child is now a bully. the (fb) kid i have since learned use to be nice an get along with dragon .now as the lines are formed for the bus it seems that he an dragon get to arguing some times..then other days they play. well with that..the (fb) child is known around here as a very sweet child usually. but when i realized who the child was..i remembered instantly the incident last year were the same child decided to pick on my son on the bus ride home and we had to go to his sitter/family member. she got pissed cause when u compare my son's size to like this child its like looking at a banana to a the fuck does that type of bullying seem even remotely fair. now i have had talks with the school off and on over the past few the school knows i am not one of those parents that believes ooohhh my child can do no wrong. the hell i do..hell i am the first to say that my son can act a as. can even make some problems worst. but under no circumstances is it or will it ever be right for a child to ever in there lifetime to put there mother fucking hands on my son or any other body part. bullying is not tolerated in school nor by me...there are alot of parents who work hard to protect the smaller children no matter there age. and who also love an care alot about dragon. and the fact is..i may be in alot of pain from the fact that i did not rest at all last not over the fact that my son was assaulted and until i get the full name and apartment number of the (ds) child that kicked my son...and then talk to a officer to find out what i can legally do. i will not rest. that shit is assault. i am gonna talk to the school today. cause i fear for my son right now. i even think it may be time that i call his father. we do not have much contact but the one thing i can say is that threw the years  the one thing he has been there for is to defend his son when he is bullied. today I'm going to the bus stop..tomorrow my mother is off work an she is coming out there. i swear i will get the child's name. an something will be done..cause hell or high water this shit is not right...I'm done with the violence..and no one understand how stressful this crap is.

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  1. I was floored when I read this.. I know all about those ridiculous bullying "rules" schools have set up.. Zero tolerance? It is somewhat of a joke because they don't do anything about anything.. My brother has been bullied since grade 7 and he is now in grade 11 and they STILL do nothing it is so unnerving. Posts like this make me contemplate having my girls home schooled... -sigh- Please pass on some happy thoughts and happy greetings from us three witches up here!



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