Sunday, October 9, 2011

the journey to a healthier me....gastric bypass...3wks 2days post op

well it has been a little over 3 weeks since i underwent one of the most major surgeries a person can endure. I dixiewitch had a gastric bypass. 3 wks later. im still struggling to get close to being able to ingest 4oz of solid food. (well blended food or soft food) but has found ways to get my protien in. healing process has been a tough one. recently learning that type two diabetics even if sugars are maintained they still struggle an have slower healing times than the average non diabetic. so my outer skin is healing very well. but my insides are very tender in places. also i have had many food allergies, many difficulties with foods that i once could eat but now are not able to tolerate anymore. an each time i suffer with a nausea issue or bad food tolerance issue that results in not keeping food down. my insides seem to become more na more tender. an irritated. due to the fact that narcotic medications can cause constipation an addiction. i chose not to take the medications they tell me to unless i am in unbearable pain that i have no choice. all i know is that this is a new journey. an i am not looking back. staying positive. moving forward. and gonna do my best to live my life to the fullest. an give my life a second chance to become the woman i know i should be.

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