Wednesday, October 19, 2011



the days tick on an the phase 4 regular part of the diet seems to be my hardest part. along this crazed insane journey. i walk along everyday and think to myself. what the heck did i do. then i look in the mirror and think girl suck it up. no one told me it was gonna be sunshine and rainbows so i do not see why i seem suprised sometimes when all of a sudden that invisible brick wall smacks me so hard im like dangggggggg didnt see that coming..roflmao. well last nite was no exception. last nite i sat queezy. gotta love me new word. i will not say i was hurlin cause it never made it to that point. but it was a 3 bite nite. the surgeon told me that right now my pouch is badly irritated from all the vomitting and stuff it has been threw. so its called a grouchy pouch. sorry but i know grouchy..this is not grouchy. this is damn near pmsing pouch. this thing is moody as a woman with no pain releaver, her heating pad broke an who just found out that the kids ate all the sweets in the house an the old man drank all the coffee an didnt tell her. yep that is my pouch right now. soooo for today an probably tomorow i have put my pouch in a time out. broth is gonna be its friend. and maybe some crackers if she behaves..but other than that. to hell with her..roflmao. im so tired of screamin in pain im like ok..positive my is stay the hell away from dixie day..roflmao.

now on a good note..i got my sabbath cookie cutters, my pumpkin patterns an carving tools, and i got the sugar cookie ingredients, all of wich im am very happy about. my mom an i discussed it an we think were gonna give back to the local farmers this year an get my sabbeth pumpkins from one of the roadside pumpkin stands. there is this one right up the road from my house. so this makes me happy. lol. all in all im pleased.

oh and i did find out some really good news...i can eat a littel bit of hambuger helper or a slither of pizza if i want..just everything is in moderation...hense the title of this one..also some amazing ppl gave me some great healthy recipes to help me out. even help me make my own little really good high protien low carb type pizzas..i jsut have to tell myslf everything in that is wonderful. so now once my pouch gets off gonna try the little lean cuisine mini pizza first. or one of the healthy recipes..that makes me sooo siked. i wouldnt know what i would do with out hte great support of such wonderful ppl.

blessed be an hope everyone has a great day

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