Wednesday, November 30, 2011



As i awoke this morning. i did what i always do when i am the first one up prior to everyone else in the house. i give the breathing treatment to my black cat/familiar, get a bottled water and grab my charged up laptop an hop on facebook to see what i have missed the day prior. well this morning was wonderful. i awoke to someone ranting about me. they chose to not use my name..but as soon as they posted a certain comment pretaining to my young 8yr old witchlet, an the recent health issue i had succumb to and what medication  i too for it. plus ranted on a recent status update i did. i was like. wait that is me. then it was funny to read 4 ppl posting comments to her post with in seconds of her posting it. that actually all shared the exact same photo as there profile picture as well as one had the hair color changed but it was still the same photo. just changed the first name. an each person wrote more of the same posting..but it was funny since 2 of the people were not nor had they ever been on my friend list. so to say they had read any of my statuses was priceless. since i have them locked. all in first instict was to snap..but instantly i just got really calm instead. the goddess walks with me, an some total stranger that is not important in my life questioned things in my life. attempting to belittle, defile my name, and disrespect my faith. which was funny cause in one breath she was wiccan as well next was cathlic then christian. so all in all it was a funny posting. but i realized something.

around this time of year. so many people work so hard to find that one thing to lower the positivity and happiness of others. to hurt them. to make them unhappy. most do this cause they have something lacking in there own personal life. now i can not say that this is why this person chose me this morning. but i can say this. she proved something today. i will be tested. i will have negativity spoke about me, as well as negativity spewed about my family and friends and even my health. but in that i stand strong, i stand honest, open hearted an stand holding tight to the goddess cause i know something can not allow a stranger to change the positive journey you are on. just remember to place them into the goddess hands an walk away. for the evil someone spews at you. will be dealt with by goddess. blessed be

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