Wednesday, November 9, 2011


being proud of who i am comes with many judgments
As i sit here at 3am unable to sleep again. a cough and congestion making my restful nite a little more complicated. i started to thing. I looked over some of my family and friends facebook pages. i viewed there lives, i sat and i absorbed just how different some of them really are from me. I realize how much i truely love my family by the fact that even though i am different i still seek to be includeded in such things  as others are. But the little hints that i never will be ring loud and clear over and over again. I sit asking the goddess why is it that the non wiccan/non pagan people do not have to change yet it is expected of me to jump through hopes and change for them or to allow my child to venture fourth to areas with out me. where it has been made clear i am not welcome. my faith is not welcome, and yet i am expected to believe  that my son will be safe. Now some say it is shere rediculousness to fear that the enteraction of ones witchlet with people who do not hide there distane and predjudice for ones faith and even of me as a person. i feel that my witchlet will be old enough in a few years to make that choice on his own. with the blinders of being woooeed by videogames and junk food. and tons of activities.  I also believe that as the parent it is my right to decide what my witchlet needs to endure. for 8 long years of his life. family has chosen to not call him, to give him some really crap gift to him on xmas, blatanly refusing to accept that we do celebrate yule. they work hard to forget his birthday. they do not call him, send messages via written word, text, etc. and they use my mother's emotional stress that she feels stuck in the middle to pass info or things to him. so that they do not have to face me. all in all...through the years nothing has changed.

that is why i am on this journey, i am renewing my faith, and i am training my son and fiance in there faith. so they can see just how beautiful it is to be wiccan. with out having to be manipulated . both have the interest in it. and honestly they deserve to opportunity to enjoy a truely goddess and god filled life.
i can not say it does not sadden me sometimes that threw out my entire 37yrs of igsistance and over 20yrs of me publically admitting to be a witch practitioner and a wiccan, nothing has changed. but i do not expect much from some. sadly i do not expect anything anymore. cause even though they do not burn us at the stake anymore there will always be family or strangers who wish they could. cause they feel like some were in there head a sprinkle of sink water made them a christian so that means they are saved. goddess watch over me and my child and my fiance. for on this journey...trials and evil will cross our path. give us strength to resist work within the creed

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