Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sometimes your children will suprise you the most

Sometimes the most amazing things that happens in life is that a child surprises you. Most people believe that children are shallow and only think of themselves. That they want want want. But this is not always true. Take me for instance.. my mother had surgery to replace her knee. and even though I was in severe pain I put every thing i had scheduled that day on hold. rescheduled every bit  of it and sat in pain. with severe society anxiety disorder in a crowded place to be there for here. I have continued to be there for her each day. via text, cooking for her, anything she needs. and I do not want, nor expect anything in return. Because that is not what a child should expect. My mother did not ask me for anything to raise me so why would I ask for anything to help her now. Now lets look at my son, it is a day till yule and 5 days till Christmas. Most children gave there parents list of 20 items or so. mainly toys. The parents then had to inform the children that  either list were going to be shortened or what ever. Yet some parents are working second jobs just to give there children everything on the list. Now my son, he is not like others. He had six things on his list. and only one was a toy for himself. all the items clearly stated beside them that they could be used. and most were books of some sort. he even asked for one that was a family game expansion item as what he wanted.  He has only been raised by me. He has my values, He has what I set out to instill in him. Not what society says I should instill in him. He has my amazing views and my wiccan faith. And my son made my proud with all he asked for. I was extremely proud of him. I am so proud of him. that he will be getting it all. All items were gotten. And even some extra little things just as a surprise.
Now when you have a child that surprises you..remember do not take him for granted. don't put them down. don't try to change who they are. just allow them to be themselves. cause they will surprise you more and more each day. and life will grow more positive in your house. I know this has been true in my house. I am thankful to the goddess for giving me my son..blessed be and Goddess bless.

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