Friday, December 28, 2012

Remember Your Battle Is Not Your Children's Battle to Fight

In life you must remember that your battle is not your children's battle to fight. The children in this world are innocent until we create and shape their mind differently. When I was young I could remember harsh words being said about people, quick glances back towards me and a stern statement of "do not repeat that". but not once do I remember anyone telling me that I could or could not play with someone else's children. make contact with there children. At times when the adults friendships and relationships would end suddenly those friendships I had made over time with the children and young adults of those families also went poof. No warning. All I knew was that suddenly no one called me. No mail came to my house. No notes were sent via my family members to me. There never was a explanation to me by the adults either. No adult took the time nor had the faith or common knowledge to comprehend that not all children are as young in mind as they are in age. That some are old souls walking around in young bodies.
No in the present I am the parent. I raise my child in the morals and values I designed prior to his birth. The list in created in my head and on paper of things I wanted instilled into my son. One thing was to always be honest. Never lie. Yes I do mean never. Some people say that is not possible. Wanna bet. the second he was removed via c section. they held him up for me to see. and instead of saying oh how beautiful he was. how handsome he was. I looked at him. I told him . hi dragon I'm your mom. BTW (insert information about holiday myths). nurse gasped. my friend in the room with me laughed . and I just said you can clean him up. He entered the world being told the truth. I have been blunt thus far and no matter how embarrassing the question is I Continue to answer it. it keeps us honest with each other. That brings me to my original statement. Your battle is not your children's battle to fight. You see I say this because children as long as you keep there mind innocent. and allow them to know the truth of what is going on in life. allow them the opportunities to recognize the things around them. and give them credit that they are smart enough even at a young age to recognize when something is not right in there lives. children will amaze you. My son is one that does that. I do not tell him who he can like. He actually is told that if he wants to spend time with someone that I am not on speaking terms with. I will gladly take my strong med, just so he can. and he knows I have done it enough times to prove my love for him. But you see my son recognizes thanks to what the school teaches him and the morals I teach him. What is right and what is wrong. a child will decide on there own. And always know that even if today they ask you if they can skip visiting with someone cause they do not like that they ignore them. Know that a year from now that may change. But remember are a grown not force your children to hate people because you do. allow there lives to be happy and if that means you gotta suck it the hell up and grow up and smile and sit in a corner and not talk to people while your children play and visit. than guess what sunshine. be a good parent and do it. cause a happy child is more important than your ego. remember if you raise your child right. they will discover on their own that whether someone is right for there life or not. Trust son has proven this to me with many adults. and I can say each time I was shocked but proud that he learned it on his own.
So remember Stay strong, stay positive and allow your children to use the tools you instilled in them. To grow up into who they wish to become. But do not ask them to find hate in themselves for someone just because you do. For that is robbing a child of one of the best gifts he or she has. Innocence.
Blessed Be

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