Monday, December 3, 2012

Always know who is a true friend

In life you will have a lot of people come and go out of your life. You will cry and laugh. You will share memories and nightmares. Through it all you will have good times and you will also have bad time. There will be some that will start to pull away the more hard times you go through. That does not mean they do not care. It just means that you do not fit in their life anymore. An that your life may be to hectic for them to handle currently. Now with that it also there will be some that are never there for you from the start. Those you should take notice of and walk away from. Cause a friend does not have to be there forever but should at least be there at some point. You will always know who is meant to be in your life by who is still standing when the dust settles. I have learned so much over the past years. So many say the words "I am there if you need me" but when I needed someone the most. Maybe even just to listen to me talk so that I can vent or figure out what to do. Some were no were to be found. Or some became so judgemental that life was not acceptable if you were not a cookie cutter mold of what they deemed a worthy friend. And I use to get mad when that happened. But Then i realized something. The Goddess loves me. She wants me to be happy. She wants me to walk with her. And she will give me all the hints she can before she removes them herself. An one thing she does is to teach me that you know who will be there for you when it matters by who is standing  beside you even in spirit when the dust settles on a hard time. I say this.. If you will turn your back on someone and feel that you are justified in judging them. Then fine...but please make sure your life is perfect till you die. If you can not..then Remember Karma cause judging is not a positive thing. be a friend to get a friend. give love to get love. and be a good family member to have a happy family in return. food for thought. Goddess thank you for the light you shine on me each day. Blessed Be

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