Saturday, December 1, 2012

Negativity will bring Karma

So many people forget exactly what life is about. So many people forget the rules of Karma. Yet at the end of the day. When the dust settles and the pain starts to flow. So many people cry out why me. Walking in a positive life may be hard but the question is if you do not is the karma worth it. I will never claim to be a saint. For even the strongest person has a hard time sometimes. But Karma is something that is not worth getting at least in a bad way. I cherish so much in life lately. You take so much for granted in life until it is actually gone. Then you sit and wonder how life can get back on track. Well I say this to those that wonder. Remember Negativity will bring Karma. Sometimes some of the things that are said in fun or joined in on are actually hurtful to someone else. If you do not know the entire story then do not spread it. If you are following others like sheep to slaughter then stop and realize you are walking a slippery path. Realize that those people will not reap the karma you have done. You will and when it comes you can only look at yourself and know that you did not have to end up this way. I remind the world that life is not about negative things. You need to think with a childlike mind. For innocence is something that is beautiful and allows you to make lifes choices with out discrimination. Live, Love and Learn. and as always walk with the Goddess. Blessed be.

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