Sunday, December 2, 2012

Faith is not about pleasing others

Faith is not about pleasing others in your life. No it is about finding happiness is ones self. As well as being strong and allowing what you believe in to be part of the bigger you. Faith in who ever it is you believe in is not always gonna please everyone. Your choices are not about making every single person on this earth happy. We are not all sheep. It is not our jobs to make society as a whole happy. It is our jobs to find happiness with in ourselves. Faith in someone or something allows you to give blessings and appreciation to he and or she that is helping you along the way. To reach out to someone when you need that extra help. To call out someones name and say Thank you when you are greatful for the blessings that you have received  All and all Faith is there for you and your happiness. Each person has there own. An is allowed to believe in what ever they wish to. As well as not to believe in what ever they wish to. Find your faith, stay strong in it. and live, life , love , and blessed be.

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