Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just because someone breaks a promise does not mean you are broken

As I have learned recently life does not have to effect you as bad as you make it. One thing I have learned is that. Just because someone breaks a promise to you it does not mean your broken. We all know that promises in life are extremely important to most of us. The promise to be there, the promise to aid someone in a situation, the promise to love someone, the promise to stay faithful, the promise not to lie. So many promises people make. When someone lets you down with one of these promises. You feel like your life has ended. Like there is something wrong with you. Like you did something wrong to cause it. But sometimes you just need to realize that you are not the one who is broken.
Sometimes it is plain and simple and not that complicated to understand. People can and will let you down. Some people will let you down to the point that it cuts you deeply. or any hope you had of something getting better falls through. But yet i still say you are not the one that is broken. You see when a person makes a choice to turn there back on a promise they in a sense makes a choice to accept the karma that will come along with hurting some one. The make a open minded choice to accept that they will become untrustworthy. And that their word is not worth a pile of cow dung to some. Maybe it is that person who has the issues maybe situations arouse  but above anything else. know that even when someone breaks a promise to you and makes your heart feel broken. You are not truly broken. you are actually able to take the situation and grow with it. learn from it. and in it find something good. even if it is as simple as knowing that you gave someone a chance to be honest.
The goddess walks with you. so smile and know that you are loved. Thank you goddess for giving me strength to spread your message and touch someone once again. blessed be

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