Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Remember that a simple thing can effect someone greatly

Every day we awake to the hope that life will be a little better for us. But most of us do not set out to make someone elses life better for them. You see when you only can say..me me me. Then why would someone want to help you you you. Sometimes one of the most positive things you can do is dedicate your life to improving others lives. It does not have to cost a dime. It can be through sharing information. Helping them out with your free time. Handing down clothing to families in need. Or Just lending a non judgmental ear to those who need it. Sometimes one of the most amazing things is to know someone comes to you because you are one of the positive things in there life. You see a simple thing that you do for others can not only effect someone else but it can also effect your own life. When you feel the joy of sharing positive reinforcement with others. The energy in you grows. You then continue to shine brighter and brighter. And in perfect love and perfect trust your heart becomes open to positive things happening to you. Why? Because you did not demand them. You did not ask all the time for them. You did not even expect them to happen to you. You finally realized that the world is not about being greedy. Its about creating a positive surrounding for yourself. And once that is done the rest seems to fall into place. Remember this..Pay it forward...so that your one kindness will inspire others to do good. Cause a simple thing can effect someone greatly. An that is what being positive is all about, right?

May the God and Goddess shine bright on you. May she continue to shine down on me as I walk. May she walk with me in all I do. May she hold me up when I feel like I will fall. And may she reach out to those that need aide. Cause Goddess I trust in you and all you do. Blessed be.

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