Saturday, December 15, 2012

Always keep things in perspective

Over the past few weeks I have done my best to stay positive. Absorbing all the blows of life. Hitting the little bumps in the road. And struggling to find the positive in each thing. I spend a lot of my time wanting to run and hide due to feeling every emotion so strong that occurs in my body. But I do my best to keep things in perspective. You see I know that even the worst feeling in the world is still better than no feelings at all. One of the things that occurs in my life often is that something or someone from my past surfaces unexpectedly. In that moment a flood of emotions come rushing back. Be it good emotions or bad ones. They all crash down quickly and with out a warning. Sometimes in your life you can feel strong emotions from your past from a memory that makes you question your present or your future. But I say this, Always Keep Things In Perspective. Cause you have to remember why those things are not in your present actively. I can admit that at times I forget that, but I work hard to quickly remind myself of that. And if I am taking to long the Goddess usually works really hard to smack me hard enough to wake me up from a memory moment. She has guided me away from some things and some people and even if she allows me to have free will and freedom to have anyone I want in my life. The Goddess does everything in her power if you come to her with a true heart. To keep you capable of seeing the truth even through all the lies. So my little message in this post is simple. Keep things in Perspective. Remember not only the good things that created those memories but Never forget the bad things too. You can forgive the bad things. But learn from them. Love yourself enough to not allow yourself to fall prey to emotions that may not be real. Love yourself cause with out loving yourself no one else truly will. Goddess thank you for walking with me, and keeping my heart strong, my soul pure and my spirit shining bright.
May the goddess walk with you.
blessed be

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