Monday, March 26, 2012

who to trust

in a world were people wear a mask to hide there flaws, there true selves, i ask you. who can you trust. who can you turn to in your hour of happiness, in your hour of sorrow. how is it that in a brief moment you can make a judgement to trust a stranger and grow extremely close to then in a split second they are gone from your life. or to busy to even care about your turmoil. not realizeing that you notice the distance that has grown. the false promises that have been made and broken. the hopes that have been raised then destroyed. all in is a interesting thing. i ask you again if the world wears mask who can you truely trust.

honestly i say trust yourself. cause at  end of the day..only you know ur deepest pain and will not share it unless you chose to. food for that.


  1. You have such a beautiful blog :) I am also wiccan however, I am still very new and taking my journey slow and easy :)

    Holla back?

  2. blessed be dear earthsdaughter. thank you i am both a withpractioner and of wiccan religion. i will definately visit your blog my dear. blessed be



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