Friday, April 27, 2012

He will never understand....

He will never understand, how pain can flood a heart. He may never understand how sorrow last and never parts. how on the outside a smile can be show. but in the inside your in the storm wasting away alone. Every small thing that is done will be micro watched to a tee. to protect what is left of the person that use to be me. to others she seemed so strong and so happy. but her soul hurts everyday for the sorrow hurts worst than a slap you see. so you see he will never the simple things he does..raises suspicion when there is no need. all because of he past. how multi locks chime around her, when she hides nothing.
He will never understand what all she has lost and sacrificed for him. just to keep him in her life. only to have him return and cut her with the proverbial knife. while she lost everything he gained so much. was given gifts and tokens to make his stay more bearable. her life was ripped apart. her home was placed in danger. the food was pulled from her mouth. the money to pay bills gone. all that she had was taken from her. now each day she must look at him and know that she may have gained him. but she lost all she had in the process and will never ever be repaid for it. and that he does not care what she lost. he only is pleased he has his gadgets and free stuff.
the tears fall down her face. the vomit falls from her mouth, the strength she used to fight for him all gone. who she once was. is dead. and she does not wish to be any more. cause she never did anything wrong. yet she was the one in the end that was punished in some way. sorrow hurts. an he will never understand.

blessed be

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  1. I know there is nothing that I may say to ease your hurt.. I can only imagine from the glimpse in this post the type of pain that you are going through. My only wish for you is not that you "get over" like muggles like to say. I only wish for you that you find a inner strength that you may not realize you have and use it to your advantage and strive for more than you think possible. You are a beautiful person inside and out, and you deserve all the happiness you crave. I hope the goddess aides you in your search for it.



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