Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How can someone know what is going on with you if you don't let them know?

So i felt like finally dusting off my blog and writing again. finally was led by the goddess to express myself. So with that this one is about "Who I am"  lately i keep reading peoples' statuses and tweets were they are blasting there friends about how they do not know them. how they never understand them. and it got me to thinking. seriously what is up with that. why are you blaming your friends for your own failure. and i ask that in that way because it is your own failure in away not just thiers.  you as a human being have a responsibility to not only know who you are as a person. but also you have a responsibility to people that you refer to as love ones, family, friends, lovers. to make sure they know just who you are too. You can not only call someone or message/tweet/text/email someone when you are having a bad day. you must share the good too.
Now you may ask..Dixie who the hell are you to say I am a failure.  I seen your tweets, I seen your status you do the same thing sometimes. Well this is true up until very recently. you see recently I had to learn this lesson myself. you see I kept wondering why a friend of mine was pulling further and further way. always said they were busy, to busy to even call, or inbox, text etc. but then i would see tons of stuff of them having amazing life. then it finally hit me. I HAD NOT BEEN A GOOD FRIEND. I HAD BEEN THE FAILURE NOT THEM. I WAS A LOSER.  I became saddened cause i was like how could they not know I needed them, how could they not comment or tweet me supporting me or showing me that they are proud of how far I have come. Then it truly hit home...duh Dixie how would they know it was real or just a fake wall being put up for others. if all they ever knew was my negative stuff. how would they know if I never shared the good things and only shared when i needed something.
So yes I learned the lesson, you can not truly stand on a soapbox about this type of issue, if you have not faced it and come to terms with it yourself. I refer to myself as a phoenix but after all this learning i also know i got Pegasus tendencies. i will walk amongst the world unseen and fly high upon the sky and only those with truly open eyes can see the magic in who i am. so blessed be

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