Sunday, June 3, 2012

Becareful what you write ...words can hurt people

I say this and a say this bluntly please be careful what you write...cause words can hurt with out your intention. you may think that by not naming names, not mentioning anyone in your venting or ranting then you are safe from hurting someone. and the karma of feeling the pain. but sadly you may still hurt someone.
I removed a blog just now not because i hurt the person it was about. but because the goddess has a way of showing you just how screwed up hurting someone can be. I logged back on FB after gaming for awhile an seen someone i respect greatly who I hate to see mistreated in anyway. very upset. targeted again. virtual world hate again. i seen what someone being mistreated by the anger or judgement of someone else can do to someone. it hurt me. it shook me to my core. i thought of how the person I actually did write the blog about would feel if they knew my venting was about them. I thought about my friends. the people that do have access to my blog and how many of them could misunderstand and or assume that it was about them. and I just could not bare the thought of one of them ever feeling that pain. I know people say that you can not feel through the net. yeah i get that. but when you follow someones life. and that person touches you by how honest and kind, and open they are about everything in there life. it breaks your heart to see them so angry, so hurt by another person's words. and you start to feel helpless cause you can not help them at all. you can't make it better. but I knew that even if  I could not not make there personal situation better, I could make sure I did not cause anyone else to go through that same type of emotions. I honestly had no right to judge anyone. Me calling someone a fake cause they don't share exactly the trueful story. isn't my place. i am not there judge. and i became a hypocrite. an that is wrong. an for me to rant about it. yes i vented..but there is a difference between blogging an attention seeking. and honestly I need to admit that I think I seeked attention by pointing out there wrong doings. and for that i hope the goddess will forgive me.
But mainly i removed the post...i can not be a judge to someone else, i am not the goddess, and maybe they have there own reasons for doing what they do. i don't live there lives. goddess forgive me..
I think its time to finally put this blog to least the weight loss surgery part of it....and bring it back to the wiccan only part of it. 

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