Thursday, August 2, 2012

guess who is

well after a much needed blog break. i finally have returned to my blogging. i do apologize to my loyal small group of followers. i just needed to get the hell away from all the blogger drama that is out there. when you combine a wiccan life and a weight loss life in one blog or hell combine anything with weight loss life. it is hard to deal with some of the backlash as well as some of the reputation that comes along with being a weight loss surgery patient. i had lived  for so long in the sunshine and rainbow part of weight loss surgery. were all i found was the positive blogs. and yet there was a seedy side of wls bloggers. there were actual straight up cyber wars, verbal attacks, racial slurs, threats on peoples familys, lives etc. and it became just to hard to bare for awhile. and as a wiccan and a empath i could feel so much more than most people when i would view the video blogs and read the actual written blogs. to the point that the stress from it all made me ill. so i took a small unplanned break. tried to only focus on me, some facebook games and my world of warcraft. which i was completely happy with. but now it is time to return i can not allow any close minded people and there own personal dramas to run me away from what i enjoy doing. that would not be the true dixiewitch that i am known to be. so i have returned. and i already got a little blog feast planned out. love and light to you all blessed be

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