Sunday, August 12, 2012



So let me first start by saying..I believe the doctors when they say exercise is truly important to reach and maintain the best results. With that being said i also would like to state that i personally have a wonder team on my side. that is made up of not only my weight loss surgeon, my nutritionist, my primary care physician, my cardiologist, as well as my rhuematologist, and my personal trainers and physical therapist. they all have put there input in when it comes to the amount of exercise and the types of exercise that i am allowed to do. because of my physical limitations with my disabilities. one thing that some people have a illusion of is that they believe that disabled or people with medical conditions go have weight loss surgery and after losing a little of the weight poof the conditions are gone. this is so not true. in many cases me being one of those cases. some illnesses actually can become worst. and also dormant illnesses that were being hidden by the large quantity of fat and the fluid retention and all the complications from that. once a amount went away. those hidden issues was able to be found and a entire new set of issues were found.
but one thing is matter what..even the smallest things be it walking around the house, going for light walks. leg lifts, old exercise tapes. anything. every little bit helps. just do a baby step ..cause every baby step is one more step than the day before.

positive thing...surviving through all the things no matter what

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