Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 4 of Countdown is WAIT-WEIGHT-WEIGH

Today is the day I focus on a very important word..or shall i say words. Wait. or is it Weight. or maybe its Weigh. hmmm honestly i am talking about all three. when you are reliving the first year of weight loss surgery one of the first things you think of is the amount of weight you have lost. how much you weighed when you started. how long you had to wait to get the procedure done and then how long you waited to get to the size you are now. well this is not exactly what i am referring too. allow me to explain.

WAIT... when i say wait..i am talking about something that is extremely important to do that over time weight loss surgery patients stop doing. some even start short cutting it with in the first weeks to a month post op. but it is actually a necessary thing to continue to keep as a habit. now the thing i am referring to is the amount of time you should wait between drinking before and after your meals. the correct answer is at least 30 mins prior and at least 30 mins after. you are allowed a couple sips if you need to get a piece of food down. but there is a big reason why you do not drink with your meal or directly before or after it. if you have ever added to much water to a plant..and had it leak down into the dish underneath of it..then you will understand it. what happens if you continue to water it even if you already seen a little water come through the bottom. it no longer trickles through. it floods through. well your pouch is small and it needs to register your food is in there. and that you are full. so if you suck down water you are not allowing the pouch time to know its truly full. only causing over eating. grazing later. etc.

WEIGHT.... when i say weight i mean it as the fact that you need to know the exact amount of weight that makes up a serving or portion of a item. when we are in school they say oh the palm of your hand. a deck of cards. well when you are post actually gotta be factual there is no guessing at times. especially if you are out in public and want to prevent dumping. if you are not sure how much of a certain thing is a serving you are best to back away and not get that item. cause what most do not know is that when you order a burger lets say or a salad or even a entree at a restaurant most assume oh eat the entire thing cause that is a serving. actually usually that is several servings. and for a rny that is beyond several servings. so it is always suggested to place your order and at the time of placing your order ask that when they bring your plate also bring you a to go box so that you can half your meal right then.

WEIGH... now this one is a big one ...weigh your food. at the beginning post op we are all told to weigh our food. i was shocked and horrified to learn recently that a dear close extended family member was actually instructed not to weigh her food, was not told what she needed to get, pretty much just said get a 4 oz container and don't eat over that. it broke my heart. cause she was not informed correctly but that is ok. cause i am helping her now. so that nothing bad happens to her. and it was so heart warming when she came to me asking for my help.  but anyway...weighing  your food is something that in the beginning we all usually do. you are told 4oz. which is a half a cup. when i left the hospital i could not even hold 2oz. at 3 months i still was not up to 3oz at a time. i am now over 4 oz and my nutritionist wants me to drop back down to 4oz at each meal. to break the stall. its hard by its ok. 3oz of a meat usually makes up a portion of protein then 1oz of veggie.  now with that need to get you a reliable scale. i purchased a glass topped digital scale from walmart. have had it for a year and the battery is just now showing low. measures in grams and oz. so that is important.  one thing that is drastically important that some forget. continue to weigh out your food as you progress post op. cause one of the things that we were not doing preop was measuring and weighing. so why would we not want to make sure we are getting those habits right. and if you say we don't have time..hmm do you have time to get fat, do you have time to know you worked that hard and endured this much with this surgery and taking 2 seconds before you plate your food at the counter to weigh it gonna be to much time. its ok....but please consider it.

well that is my knowledge i shared for today

and positive thing.. i stood up for being unique. and not being June cleaver. ..was bashed for not dressing like a stereotyped 40yr old. not sure what they dress like but evidently i am suppose to look like the church lady and June cleaver mated. but being a goth girl and a bikini wearing witch is a bad i stood up for being me..and i love myself for it..

blessed be

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