Tuesday, August 7, 2012


One thing of importance to know is that protein is very important to all rny patients.  for rny women we require at least 60-70g of protein a day. for rny men its at least 80g. one thing that must be learned very quickly is that you must know your proteins. whey protein is your happy place. if you gonna get your protein powder on. you can make so many things like protein coffee, protein shakes, or even adding unflavored protein into your hot meal items can be a great way to use powdered protein. and in some cases you can even get a premixed liquid protein drink. some a odd tasting but some are rather tasty. personally i am picky. so i have a protein coffee and a protein shake. then i get my protein bars, and protein from food.

now with that said..lets talk about bars..protein bars..are a wonderful thing. never and i say never leave home with out your emergency package in your car/purse/backpack. what ever you carry with you. if you got a day of shopping, family outings, a family function, holidays at someones house. or just doctors appointments for you or someone in your household. the emergency pack should always contain some water. now you can bring along some mio or a crystal light single if you are not allergic to them to add to the bottled water to stay hydrated. but also a protein bar or two will be a great help. i keep one in my gym bag. and one in my purse at all time. i have even handed them to others when i notice them being worn out. cause sometimes they just are not looking well and or they forgot there emergency pack. plus if you have blood work that day fasting is required. so always take a protein bar..the requirement for a protein bar at least for my nutritionist is simple. at least 19-20g of protein. less than 10g of sugar, less than 5g of fat per serving.  and if possible she likes me to only eat half at a time. also i try to carry a time with me so that i still wait 30mins between bar and water.

now with that knowledge lets discuss something important. you need to know that protein can be found in so many things. meats. be it red meat, turkey meat, chicken, pork, dear meat. you can get you a calorie/fat/protein counter book to help you know what is in what. and learn them. even those little tiny ones at the check outs will help you. if at the time you do not or can not afford the larger one. now one thing also is that you do not just have to get your protein from just meat. please learn that protein is in a lot of things. legumes...aka beans. also fat free re fried beans..are really good and a nice chunk of protein. there are so many ways you need to familiarize yourself with what has protein.

and always eat your protein first. so that if you get full you have the important thing eating.

it still amazes me that something that i learned a year ago. is still stuck with me and really clear in my mind. i am proud of that. i am not as lost as i assumed. that makes me proud.

my positive thing..is that i know my protein and i continue to work hard to get it/

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