Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 3 of countdown is DANCE IN THE RAIN

now you may ask me what does dancing in the rain have to do with counting down to the year mark of the day i had surgery. well to me it has everything to do with it. You see both in my wiccan life as well as in my weight loss surgery life. when stuff becomes to hard to bare or to stressful i have learned to retreat and also i allow myself to become so depressed due to situations. One thing that occurs that i can admit is that i do not give myself credit for the weight i have lost thus far. I just focus on the length of time I have been on the stall. And the fact that I am even on a stall. I recieved a email response from my bariatric nutritionist yesterday. and one thing she wanted me to do before i read any further was to stop, and breathe. to congratulate myself. she informed me that i had lost more than what the expect wls patients to lose over all on the surgery yet i had lost it in less than a year. this is the section from the email she sent...unedited

First, you need to take a deep breath and congratulate yourself for losing more weight already than average after gastric bypass!!!!!  Starting at 316 pounds at 5'7", your excess weight was 181 pounds and we expect that patients will lose 66% of their excess weight so 119.5 pounds for you.  You've already lost over 128 pounds in less than a year!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!!

Now that in itself made me smile. one thing that did come to me as a suprise. but i am still happy. and that is whhat i am gonna do. everyday there will be something that comes along and dictates that it may not be good or bad in our lives. ben i finally realized that i needed to stop focussing on the stalls and celebrate the achievements. so today that is wut the fact is. we should always remember the joy of dancing in the rain. don't stress over that small storm. just slush around in the puddles of life. and learn to find your inner happiness for there is always something positive out there. 

speaking of positive thing of the day is....

i am proud of myself for noticing there was a issue. and deciding to reach out to my nutritionist for assistance. and some of the thoughtful weight loss community that is not so negative. blessed be. 

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