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 In 46 days exactly it will be the exact date one year later that i had my weight loss surgery at University of Virginia hospital. Here in Charlottesville, Virginia. On September 16, 2011 my mother Debra F. Robinson took me to the hospital and Dr. Daniel Kliener preformed a Laproscopic RNY Gastric Bypass. When I awoke my entire life had changed. who would have thought that the same woman that was wheeled into surgery weighing in at 316 pounds that day would be sitting here today almost a year out post op under 200 pounds. The photo above was taken shortly prior to my surgery. and the second half  was taken just weeks ago. you can tell the big difference. What no one knows is though. I have been on a bad weight loss stall (meaning the scale has not budged what so ever up or down) for ever 4 months total now. no matter how strick i am. stalls happen. they prepare us for that. But mentally i am not willing to accept a stall in my weight any longer. i have allowed my body to catch its breath but it needs to get back in the race now. yes i have done a great job so far. but i could do better. I know i could. I have battled dehydration so many times it is not even funny. I have missed supplements so many times that is not funny either. I live off liquid protein cause my body has struggled to accept solid foods. So i have  decided to do this count down challenge. 
For the next 45 of the 46 days till my one year post op mark. i will blog daily. but also i am gonna go back to the basics. and gonna go old school with it. very small multiple meals, pre-measured smalled portions, snacks bagged up, cut and included in my day twice a day, and meals that include veggies and not just a chunk of protein. also now that i have had to take medical freeze at my gym till my body can handle working out in public again. and until i can guarantee my stress induced seizures are all gone ..which so far so good. my hubby is gonna move the wii into my bedroom, and we are gonna move my treadmill into my room as well. so that i can work out in my room. then rest on my bed post work out. each day i will do something. 
The final thing that will happen is that each of the 45 days there will be a count down blog discussing what the days activity or plan of action is for that day.  

one thing that must happen is that the negativity that has filled my brain due to dealing with negative weight loss surgery Patience's that are either bitter for there point in there journey or angry at something in there life. has to stop now. so each day I plan to find something positive and say it as well. 

all are welcome to join in on the countdown and hope others will follow along. be it that you are on a surgery stall, a diet stall, or just want to kick start that healthy part of your own personal life, and maybe get a little happy about yourself  in the process. then so being. feel free to join in. love and light to you and may the goddess bless you.

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