Friday, August 3, 2012


Day 2 is really simple. Each day after you have your weight loss surgery. A person becomes obsessed with what the scale says. We do not give credit to the fact that some things in life can not be measured by a flat device on the floor. So many days people define themselves by what they look like or how they measure up compared to someone else. One of the hardest things once you have weight loss surgery is to for one accept that this life long journey you must endure. Yet not only that you must not under any circumstances compare yourself to others and how far they are out. But instead you must measure yourself by your own achievements and victories. Victories are not always seen on a scale. It is not always measured in pounds. Or by that dress size either. Sometimes a victory is non-scale. something that mentally you can say..hey before my surgery I would have don't this instead.
So today..the countdown is simple. today is measure who you are day. but not by a measuring tape. NOPE. you must measure by non-scale victories. grab a journal or loose leaf paper and write down some positive non-scale victories. allow yourself to find the positive even if you are on a stall. for me this is a important day. cause having a stall that is over 4 months long. i have learned that i am now showing signs of body dysmorphia. I no longer see what others see as my achievements with weight loss. I have reverted back to seeing the morbidly obese person i once was. so today is very important.
I also will be finalizing all grocery list today. to shop tomorrow. once i receive the much needed email return from my nutritionist. of her suggestions of items to add to my diet.

so for those who have decided to follow along and or participate..i hope you are finding this helpful. and remember 1 positive thing must be said today too.

*positive thing*  I was extremely proud of myself that when i felt like stuff on facebook was irking me to much i kept my word to myself and logged off. not allowing it to get to me. or dampen my positive journey any longer.

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