Friday, August 10, 2012


So the message today is simple. You must push on. It is often one of the first words out of any persons mouth when you hit a stall in your weight loss surgery journey. I QUIT. or Its broken. No dear one your pouch is not broken. you are on a stall. they happen. to be factual i have been on a weight loss stall for way over 4 months now. if not mistaken i do believe its actually 5 months. But you gotta accept that you gotta let your body catch its breath. and sometimes it takes longer than others. STALLS don't stress. and most of all don't quit..don't go back to your old habits thinking that if the weight is coming off then why do all the rules.
Also one of the things i have noticed along my journey is simply that we as human beings are so quick to take on more than we are expected to. we never learn the word NO. we will so quickly tell a doctor no. a child no. but let it be yourself that you gotta tell no..and oh hell nah you are not gonna tell yourself no. you will run around doing everything. instead of demanding that others do there part. then you become so over stressed that you crumble. stop trying to be a super hero..if we were expected to be one we would have been born with capes..last time i checked i was not.  chin up and wise do not have to take on the world alone.

positve things..hmmm...i found the strength to push through all that i feel just to survive another day

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