Thursday, August 2, 2012



now today is gonna be a little more strenuous than other is the planning day. I know to most people they are like wtf. seriously you start your countdown and not have stuff planned out. and honestly yes, yes i do. The reason for this is simple. If I woke up this morning like i did, said hey its 46 days till my year mark. lets do 45 days of it starting tomorrow. then I know me well enough that I would procrastinate, also know that my body and my illnesses are unpredictable. so tomorrow I could have fibro fog so bad that I may not even remember that i wanted to do it. So by jumping right on the bandwagon today. and forcing myself to instantly start. and using the 1 day to prep items, plan out the other 44 days of things to do. then i am still productive. also due to income my shopping can not even be done for some items till after tomorrow. so this way i can have list ready. and i can be up and out the door with the hubby and child in a row ready to do what needs to be done.
now today i also want to prepare to plan out when i will finish up the summer projects that i started for my wiccan faith. all in long as i am doing something productive towards the outcome then the first day is not wasted and I am not procrastinating. Plus as any one that has ever shopped for a family knows. list are important. so day one is always important. and to a weight loss surgery patient it is very important cause your family may not be on the same eating style as you. for instance my son is extremely skinny as is my hubby. so if i was to have them eating everything i eat. they would be too dang skinny while i would be losing. and that would be just wrong. so its about making sure everything in the house is done correctly.

planning and prepping includes but not limited to...

planning out grocery list
planning out when to move the work out stuff to needed places
planning out what are the best snacks to help with wls stall
planning out water consumption to prevent dehydration issues
planning out supplements schedule better

prepping includes but not limited to..

pre packaging snacks into small containers
refrigerating cold snacks
baggy and storage dry snacks

prepping also includes but not limited to

finding all unfinished summer projects and placing them in one designated area
preparing a listed time to complete each project
then completing them on such dates

once all this is done.....i have to remember to continue to stay positive..even if that means i have to lay down and log off of facebook. or go game on world of warcraft. it means that i much be in charge of my own destiny. and stay focused.

so my positive thing for the day is..that i am proud to be who i am. and that i love knowing that i am strong enough that i made it this far.

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