Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 14 of countdown..what stress can do to your journey

 Blessed be and Goddess Bless everyone. Sorry for the absence for a few days but it was unavoidable. I had to miss Monday and Tuesday of this countdown. The plan was to have Day 12 and Day 13 touch base on simple things like sitting still and not exercising at all. and the effects of not doing anything can mess with your weight loss journey. always try to do something. and physical illnesses and chronic pain can take a toil on your body.

Now onto Day 14. What stress can do to your weight loss journey. Stress can be the biggest damage there is around. One thing that can remind you of the obese life and the bad eating habits you use to have is a tragedy  or stress. That moment in your life when you have to decide between eating like a pig and binge eating or sticking to the strick lifestyle you have lived for how ever long you have had the surgery. The one thing you must remember is that you are not the same person. you must know that you still have control over your own destiny. and that food is no longer the blanket you need. your own self confidence and will power. Over the past several days this has been my own battle devastating news has shook my household and i stood at that crossroad ready to just fall and give up. just wanting to curl up and sleep. but when stress is slamming on you. your weight loss journey does not stop. you still have to have at least 64 oz of fluids, you still have to have your supplements, and you still have to get your protein in. and you still need to watch your portions cause you will make yourself ill and do more damage than good. always know that you are in control of it not  the other way around.

the positive thing of the day is simple...i know i can go matter how much my mind tells me otherwise

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