Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Stress and success do not agree. when you are trying to achieve the my productive weight loss surgury results. stress is one thing that can dampen your journey. the word stall comes to mind. so many things cause stalls. not enough protein. not eating well. and even stress. now you say..hey dixie how is that possiable. its very simple. when we get stressed out..we through all the rules out the window. we start grazing. we start drinkin with our meals. we do not stop drinking before nor wait to drink after. all in all we just revert to the old people we once was. food has way our security blanket and it takes more than a day, a week and at times even a year to break that habit.

simply remember something. there is a reason you did the procedure. you did not do it cause you was hell bent to just be skinny. hmm well maybe you did. but honestly i did not. i got a man that loves me no matter what size i am. we smile and laugh and enjoy who we are. and he loves me if i am skinny or big. so in other words i did this cause i wanted to get healthy. but even i can say that stress is my enemy. i forget to eat slowly. i forget to not graze. all in all i just really forget to not fall back into the old ways. and that is what causes failures.

sooo remember you are human. pick yourself up and dust yourself off. and do not let stress get to you.

positive thing..i can now identify the problem and i can be honest and admit it

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