Thursday, August 14, 2014

You must give yourself a voice even when others silence you


Have you ever woke up and just been happy. I mean nothing bothering you. Not a single thing in this world eating away at you. Not a care in this world. No..well guess what you are not alone. A large part of the population does not wake up whistling and singing to cartoon song birds. dancing around the house and acting like June cleaver. No in reality a large part of the world has stress. But some are just better at wearing mask or putting on act or show for others than some are. You see, to some it is easier to hide that they are unhappy with any thing in their lives. And instead make others feel bad for not being a skittle farting unicorn on a rainbow. now why would people do that you may ask. Its really simple, at least from what I have figured out in my own life, I find that its simple. You see, misery loves company. And in order for someone that is pretending that their life is perfect or all skittles unicorn rainbow. They must in return silence what they can. or in other words. control the world and people around them. But i say this, Don't allow others to silence you. No one puts baby in the corner. Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor... i will not eat green eggs and ham SAM i am. in other words..rise up. do what ye will. and don't let the actions, attitude or demands of others push you down. feel the energy run through your body, charge up , and rise from that corner people strive to beat you into. and then shine bright. 
remember something. people that spend their lives pretending to be happy while making others miserable are just really clowns looking for a show. and the second you take that seltzer bottle and spray them in the face. there make up will wash away.. and all the vile ugly will show through and they are not scary anymore. 
rise up my little ones..remember. you don't have to pretend to be anything your not. if you are blue, be blue, happy be happy. a giant bow on a elephants butt..well OK..that one i would probably change cause woo that may get anyway..just be you.

love and light
blessed be from Dixie

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